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5 Ways to Create a Modern Boho Living Space

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated October 8, 2019 4 min read

Boho design is making another big comeback, but this time with a modern twist

create a modern boho living space

Creating a bohemian chic design for your home typically involves bright, saturated colors and globally curated pieces. This eclectic and sometimes chaotic style is ideal for those that love metallics, jewel tones, and a lot of different textures. Boho chic reflects a casual and carefree lifestyle where anything goes.

For those that enjoy structure and a softer palette, there’s a way to create an organized boho style while still keeping the more interesting elements. Modern boho is the perfect design style for people who want the carefree look that boho chic offers, but with a more intentional feel.

Here are 5 ways to create a modern boho living space in your home: 

1. Go with a neutral color palette

To create a cohesive space, stick to neutral tones. A color palette that consists of whites, beiges, and taupes allow for smaller elements to take center stage. Neutral colors allow for great flexibility and are considered the “bedrock of strong design“.


Going neutral will help you create a soft, cozy atmosphere where boho elements can thrive. When you design your modern boho space, consider neutrals in your rugs, drapes, lamps, and a large piece of furniture.

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2. Incorporate modern furniture

Instead of a funky patterned couch, try a modern couch with clean lines. This will significantly help you achieve the modern aspect of modern boho. You can absolutely include your eclectic boho pieces, too.  Listen to your gut on this one, if you lean towards boho, have more boho. Likewise, if you gravitate towards modern design, have more modern pieces.

We encourage having a 60/40 or 70/30 ratio when it comes to mixing modern and boho pieces.


Captured by Virtuance Real Estate Photography

3. Add natural wood and wicker elements

Along with your softer pieces, keep the boho vibe strong with natural wood tables and chairs. You can also add wicker storage bins and wicker plant holders.


Captured by Virtuance Real Estate Photography

Bringing in these earthy elements helps play up the texture boho design is known for.


4. Bring in nature with lush greenery

Speaking of earthy elements that boost texture, bring in some vibrant house plants. Green plants are a great technique for adding life and color into a neutral space.  Additionally, they will keep your air clean and promote happiness.


Captured by Virtuance Real Estate Photography

You can place your new plant friends in wicker, concrete, or jewel-toned plant holders.


5. Include pops of color

The ultimate way to create the perfect balance between modern and boho design is by adding subtle to dramatic pops of color. While modern boho designers encourage your color choices to stay within a structured palette, you can still get away with vibrant hues.

What elements should have the color pops? We suggest using vibrant and textured throw pillows and blankets, rugs or even wallpaper!

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Captured by Virtuance Real Estate Photography

Are you ready to take on modern boho design? Just remember that its all about balancing the more modern, neutral elements with the global feel of bohemian vibrancy.