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These Real Estate Photographers Each Surpassed 5,000 Listing Shoots

By Lindsay Davis Last Updated November 20, 2019 1 min read

Three Professional Real Estate Photographers Collectively Photographed Over 15,000 Real Estate Properties

Virtuance Real Estate Photography is extremely proud to recognize three of our professional real estate photographers who each completed over 5,000 listing photoshoots since working at Virtuance.

All three of these photographers are located in Denver, Colorado, where we are headquartered!

Photographers who completed over 5,000 shoots:

  • Kreg: 5046 listing photoshoots, 5.5 years with Virtuance
  • Bobby: 5045 listing photoshoots, 5.5 years with Virtuance
  • Greg, 5033 listing photoshoots, 4.5 years with Virtuance

Virtuance offers real estate photography and visual marketing services in over 30 markets nationwide. We now have over 200 real estate photographers capturing listing images proven to make buyers click.

To see our real estate images captured across the country, visit our gallery.