5 Home-Selling Tips Everyone Hears—and Should Ignore

By Audrey Ference | Source Realtor.com One of the hardest parts of selling your home is all the unknowns: Who will buy your place, and for how much? How long will it take? That uncertainty might make you particularly eager to soak up advice from just about anyone who’s willing to share. Problem is, just because your […]

The Worst Mistake You Can Make Before Selling Your Home

By Audrey Ference | Source Realtor.com If you’ve ever gotten ready to sell a home, you know that in order to fetch top dollar, you need to get your place in good shape. But that costs money—hiring contractors, painters, and other pros—so you might be wondering: Why not save some cash by tackling a few of […]

5 Home-Selling Tactics That Sizzle During Summer

By Liz Alterman | Source Realtor.com Summer is peak season for home selling—but also for barbecues, vacations, and long, lazy beach days. In other words, there are lots of things to distract even the most diligent would-be buyers. And that’s not even counting those dog days when it’s too hot to even venture out to […]

5 Mortifying Reasons Mortgage Applications End Up in the ‘Reject’ Pile

By Daniel Bortz | Source Realtor.com   Picture this nightmare: You apply for a mortgage, but your application gets rejected. Suddenly, you’re hit with an overwhelming wave of embarrassment, shock, and horror. It’s like having your credit card denied at the Shoprite. So. Much. Shame. Sadly, this is a reality for some home buyers. According to […]

Compass reinvents the real estate sign for the smartphone era

Circular metal signs will feature customizable lighting and send passers-by listing notifications By Patrick Kearns | Source Inman Compass has unveiled a potentially groundbreaking new customizable real estate sign that its agents can control from their smartphone at Inman Connect San Francisco. “At the end of the day, the sign is really one of the core elements […]

7 Awful first sentences that are killing your outreach emails

By Aja Frost | Source HubSpot Whether you’re at a networking event, a party, a conference, or an office function, walking up to a stranger and introducing yourself can be terrifying. I don’t know about you, but I never stroll over without a detailed plan of what I’ll say and how I’ll say it. After all, […]