Client Success Contest Winner – Dawn Gonzales!

When we asked our clients last month to share stories of the successes that Virtuance has helped create in their businesses, we were blown away by the response. We received hundreds of incredible stories! Here were a few highlights:

  • 84% said they’ve seen a notable increase in Showing Activity
  • 87% said Virtuance has improved the quality of their brand
  • 55% said they’ve won more listings since partnering with Virtuance

Here’s Dawn Gonzales’s winning story! Congratulations Dawn!

“When I first partnered with Virtuance, I’d garnered my first expired listing. This was a beautiful home – the husband was a commercial landscape designer and the wife an interior decorator. You can imagine how stellar this home looked. I was shocked that they hadn’t sold. When they originally listed their home, they hired the ‘neighborhood expert’, who took pictures of their nearly $600,000 property with her cell phone. The pictures were dark, blurry and didn’t highlight the home in any way, shape or form. When I contacted them, they were desperate to sell their home. We relisted their home with fabulous Virtuance photos, reduced the price by $2,000, and used an aggressive marketing plan. The neighborhood average for days on market was 72. I was able to bring them multiple offers and we went under contract within 21 days. Of course, they were ecstatic! This experience absolutely won me over and proved to me the invaluable partnership that Virtuance offered my business. 4 years and many listings later, Virtuance continues to impress me with their quality product, their professional photographers and successful results. There’s no turning back for me!”

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Our team had fun “WOWing” Dawn with a big check! And a little bit of silly string too (any excuse to break out the silly string).

Here are a few samples of some of the other incredible stories we heard!  Thanks to the hundreds of you who shared, it makes us proud and humbled to serve and support the real estate community with such fantastic results!

Trish Nash
Broker-Owner, Signature Gallery of Homes, Las Vegas, NV

“I met with a couple that was very frustrated in the home selling process. They had their home previously listed with an agent for 6 months with little activity. the agent kept telling them their home was priced too high. I met with them and told them that I knew the issue was the marketing. I had Virtuance do a photoshoot and I raised the price by $20,000. The phone started to ring and showings happened right away. We got a close to full price offer and the Sellers sold their home for $15,000 more that it was previously listed all because I had the beautiful photos that attracted potential buyers and got them through the door. I actually just got a referral today from this couple from someone that has TWO homes to sell. Thank you Virtuance!!”

Ali Worthen

Broker Associate, Realty One Group, Las Vegas, NV

“We all know photos sell. Can’t tell you how many times I hear “if this were a half million or million dollar property, then I could see spending the money on hiring a photographer.” Even my sellers insisted I not spend the money for a professional photographer. For me, not using professional photos is not an option. No matter the profit margin or the value/price of the home, all of my clients get five star service. Why? Because it makes me look great! And because when the photos are doing the work for me, it makes my job A LOT easier. This specific listing had its first showing less than 1 hour after I posted it and 4 showings in the first 5 hours. An accepted offer was executed less than 24 hours after listing. This small community had nearly 20 other properties for sale within less than a mile. The sellers were obviously VERY pleased with my work (aka the photos), and they ultimately saw the value in hiring a professional photographer. If I were an amazing photographer, I wouldn’t have pursued a career in real estate. Virtuance has excellent customer service and provides a great product at a very affordable price. Virtuance for me, is just smart business. You can tell they’re doing it right. I pay THEM money, and here I am boosting their business with (rightfully earned) rave reviews!”

Bobbie Starr Dust

Sales Associate, Berkshire Hathaway, Las Vegas, NV

“I did my first Virtuance virtual tour in April 2014.  That particular listing sold within 7 days sight unseen based on strictly on the photos and virtual tour provided by Virtuance.  I have since sold 3 other listings the same way, based solely on the photos and virtual tour. If I find myself up against other agents at a listing presentation, I always pull out the “BIG GUNS” – ie. Virtuance’s brochure, and that typically seals the deal. I am a BELIEVER and will forever be a Virtuance client.”

Michael Madsen
Nostalgic Homes, Denver, CO

“In 2012 when the market was still turning around I listed a modern new construction home in LoHi, and struggled to get it under contract with an asking price of $550,000…a price unheard of in the area at the time. However, after hiring Virtuance to take the photos of the property including twilight shots that I had printed on a custom sign in front of the home, it went under contract in short order. This was a pivotal time in my real estate career, and because I sold the home it brought me more listing business, and so I credit Virtuance for their assistance in resuscitating my real estate career and bringing it back to life! I was struggling and these photos reminded me that superior marketing is a crucial component in providing the best representation to sellers. I am a Virtuance customer exclusively now.”

Jerome Johnson
Real Estate Associate, Keller Williams Southwest, Las Vegas, NV

“I had a listing in North Las Vegas, NV and my client did some pretty decent upgrades to the home. When I showed her the pictures, she was stunned and like most clients fell in love with her home again. Needless to say, so did everyone else. We received multiple offers on the home and the buyer who we went into contract offered on the home solely from these pictures! He is in the military and relocating here in May, and because of these pictures we were able to secure my client $15,000 more then the comps in the area and set a new standard for that neighborhood!! I will say that having Virtuance in my arsenal for listing presentation has done a great deal for my business. I will always use them and refer anyone I can to do the same!!”

Virtuance Client Contest002