10 Facebook post ideas all real estate agents should have in their arsenal

Keep track of what kind of content works for your audience, and keep posting it

By Nicole Solari | Source Inman

Facebook can be a key component of any real estate agent’s marketing plan. But you need to have the right Facebook set-up. Then, you need to post appealing content on a regular basis.

If you only have a personal profile page, it’s smart to set up a business page (go to the bottom of the left column and click on “page”). When you post real estate-related posts on a business page, they automatically appear on your personal page, plus you can manually share them to your personal page as many times as you wish.

Unlike your personal page, a business page allows you to track how many views and how much interaction each post gets. Past clients can leave reviews— an excellent marketing tool. And, you can only “boost” posts on a business page.

Facebook marketing’s biggest payoff, however, comes from content that grabs prospects’ attention and keeps them coming back for more. To make yourFacebook page the go-to site for all things related to the area where you do business, here are 10 topics to spark your content creativity.

Business news

1. Day-to-day real estate business

Everybody has to live somewhere, so people are rabidly interested in real estate — what’s available, how much it sells for, what their house is worth, whether they can afford a house and what’s new on the market.

So draw attention by posting new listings, just solds, upcoming open houses, etc. and offer property search capability. You can add an IDX search feature on your Facebook page itself, or you can hyperlink the page to your own website’s search feature.

You can promote your website itself if you do it cleverly. For every post, try to incorporate high-quality photos and/or videos. Property videos themselves make great stand-alone posts if use your own YouTube or Vimeo channel.

2. Real estate trends

National Association of Realtors newsletters, local and national real estate news sources (such as Inman) as well as state and local Realtor associations are excellent sources of statistics.

If you can create a nice chart to convey those statistics visually, that effort will pay off. So will doing an elevator pitch-style video regarding trends.

3. The magic of good staging or decorating

Facebook regulars love before-and-after photos derived from staging a property. That gives you a way to boost a current listing as well as prospect for new business.

Based on Facebook users’ enthusiasm for before-and-afters, you’d think people would eat-up home improvement ideas. But they don’t seem to.

However, you can experiment yourself. Different audiences in different markets behave differently. It costs nothing to try a variety of decorating, DIY and landscape improvement project posts — see what works and doesn’t.

4. Seasonal or area-specific advice

For example, during California’s dry summers, you might create posts that show how to create a defensible space on a property, how to make a home more fire resistant, how to craft emergency plans and bug-out bags and how to decide which papers should be among the items you ought to take can be welcome information.

5. Do the expected in unexpected ways

Every agency has a variety of canned Facebook messages and graphics for every conceivable occasion. And everyone posts theirs on exact date of the holiday.

Your post will only stand out if it is funny, offbeat or delivered on a different day. For example, if you want to wish your Facebook followers a happy Thanksgiving and actually have them see it, post good wishes the week before the holiday, and include your grandmother’s magical cranberry sauce recipe that can be made a week in advance.

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