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How to Attract Young Family Homebuyers

By Lindsay Davis Last Updated November 13, 2019 2 min read
By Francesca Singer | Lawnstarter

Millennials are starting families and looking to buy homes for the first time. These young homebuyers are coming onto the market in force, and they’re looking for different things in a home than their parents did. Their approach to home buying is not the same as older generations’, either. Here are a few key pointers for how to attract young family homebuyers.

Take advantage of social media

Young people today spend nearly two hours a day on social media. That’s precious time spent shopping, reading the news, and clicking on links. If you’re not using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat to share listings, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful listing tools. Make sure your home is featured on your agent’s Facebook or Instagram page to increase visibility. 

Use your words

Younger people favor written copy that has personality. A boring, predictable listing description is going to get lost in the crowd. Using bold language, a conversational tone, and humor is a great way to make your listing stand out to the young homebuyers out there.

Price appropriately

Make sure the listing price of your home is within the appropriate market range. While it may be tempting to list it at a price considerably higher than you’re hoping to get, you may end up turning off potential buyers. The right price range could land you in a nice, healthy bidding war between a couple of buyers. Competing buyers will often offer a higher price than the asking, but an overpriced listing will lose its luster, especially if the listing price drops over time.

Put a property’s best face forward

Plenty of first-time buyers are looking for a bargain, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to go with a fixer-upper.  The listing photos must be picture perfect. Take the time to make any minor cosmetic repairs to the exterior and interior and make sure the entire home is spotless inside and out. Consider renting a power-washer to scrub the walkways, porch, and patio.

The landscape design must also be energy efficient. Automatic sprinklers are a plus, along with drought-tolerant plants that don’t require much care.

Make the yard dog-friendly

The majority of young homebuyers own a pet. Realtor.com puts the number at 89%. Nearly all of them say they’ll pass on a home if it isn’t pet-perfect. A fenced in yard with shade trees will give their dog a place to play and shelter. Make sure your real estate agent points out the perks for pooches.

The landscaping and lawn should look well-kept and cared for. That includes having the lawn maintained while the property is on the market and in the months leading up to the listing. Have a professional photographer capture the property’s best angles for a listing that truly shines.

High tech/energy efficiency 

This generation has grown up with technology and will be stoked when they discover they can adjust the A/C or turn the lights on from their smartphone. Same goes for simple home-monitoring systems such as doorbell cameras and integrated audio/visual systems. Younger homebuyers also look for energy-efficient appliances. High-tech gadgets increase a home’s performance and save money in the long run.

Whether or not you’re ready, the new generation of homebuyers is here. Getting their attention will be crucial to selling your home quickly.

Francesca Singer is a former farmer & landscape architect who is passionate about plants, DIY home restoration, and travel. When not writing, she can be found working in the garden, wrangling her toddler, or wielding power tools in Texas or rural France.