Why You Should Start Marketing Your Listing During The Holidays!

With the holidays coming up and fewer listings on the market, you might think this is the time to relax, right? No! With inventory expected to increase in January, now is the time to shoot your listings. Here are a few reasons to start photographing now.

No Holiday Break for Home Buyers

With 24×7 access to listings online, home buyers are constantly reviewing mobile real estate apps to view the latest listings. Are you fully disconnecting from your phone/tablet during the holidays? Neither are serious home buyers! Make sure your listing is updated with visually appealing images to grab their attention.

Order Your Listing Photography Before Santa Comes to Town!

Not everyone wants to see a Clark Griswold-inspired Christmas light display when home shopping. Shooting your listing now before the decorations go up ensures your photographs can be used after the holiday season. Plus, it’s a good way to show your sellers that you’re on top of your game!

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

With inventory set to increase in mid-January, most agents will wait until the beginning of the year to start planning their listings. Getting your house shot now allows you to get a head start on everyone else by listing earlier. Although there are fewer houses on the market now, there are motivated buyers out there. Be the agent that starts the new year with a competitive advantage!

Give Your Current Listing a Makeover

If you go into the new year with a listing that’s been on the market for months, buyers are going to assume something is wrong with it. Before you drop the price, update your listing with professional photography. Giving your listing a face-lift now will help you stand out during this slow season and might get you an offer before the New Year!