3 Tips to Sell Your Listing Faster

To be a successful agent, you have two main goals: sell your listings fast and for as close to asking price as possible. There’s no magic potion or difficult 20-step program to achieve this success. Follow these three simple tips and watch your listings and referrals increase!   1. Beautify your home by de-cluttering and […]

What is Virtuance

Watch our 2-minute video on what makes Virtuance the premier real estate photography company in the country!

Why Every Listing Deserves Professional Photography

Professional real estate photography builds your brand and boosts your GCI. It’s easy to fall into the trap that higher priced listings deserve better marketing. Conventional wisdom tells us that a million dollar listing deserves better marketing than a $200K starter house, right? Not so fast! With 96% of home buyers looking at houses online, […]

Client Success Contest Winner – Dawn Gonzales!

When we asked our clients last month to share stories of the successes that Virtuance has helped create in their businesses, we were blown away by the response. We received hundreds of incredible stories! Here were a few highlights: 84% said they’ve seen a notable increase in Showing Activity 87% said Virtuance has improved the […]

Why You Should Start Marketing Your Listing During The Holidays!

With the holidays coming up and fewer listings on the market, you might think this is the time to relax, right? No! With inventory expected to increase in January, now is the time to shoot your listings. Here are a few reasons to start photographing now.   No Holiday Break for Home Buyers With 24×7 […]

Introducing Online Re-Shoot Functionality

After listening to your feedback, we’re excited to announce online re-shoot functionality! Previously, you were only able to schedule or cancel shoots online. With this change, you can now schedule/reschedule/cancel online 24/7!   Your Feedback Matters This update is a great example of how we value your feedback. Your requests for this feature helped move […]

A Quick Profile Of Millennial Home Buyers

Millennial home buyers are sweeping the nation, and will be for quite some time. Over 50% of millennials say they are either “extremely” or “very” likely to buy a house in the next year and many will delay their wedding or honeymoon in order to buy a home!  Here is a quick guide of what […]

Virtuance’s New Licensing Policies Are MLS Friendly

Virtuance has announced policy changes that makes it easier for agents and MLS providers to use their images. The new policy states that MLS providers and agents alike can use their photos for listings without needing to have written permission to do so. Lawsuits that affect Realtors Over the past year, several photographers have filed […]

Virtuance is Now Open in San Antonio!

Virtuance, one of the nation’s leading real estate photography providers, is now offering its services in San Antonio. Virtuance combines its proprietary HDReal® Imaging System with a world-class team of engineers, photographers, and imaging specialists in order to produce real estate imagery that has set a new standard for quality, consistency, and value. The company […]


Virtuance Is Now Open In Chicago!

Virtuance, one of the nation’s leading real estate photography providers, is now offering its services in Chicago. To celebrate, they are giving away free photography for a year to one lucky agent.   Chicago real estate agents and property managers can now gain the competitive advantage of Virtuance’s award-winning HDReal® Imaging System. Their system produces […]