How the Bomb Cyclone Impacted Virtuance HQ

The 24 hours before the “Bomb Cyclone” hit much of the midwest, Denver residents basked in sunny skies and warm temps. 

Wednesday morning was a different story. Rain turned to sleet and the roads quickly began to freeze. The blizzard-condition winds slammed snowfall against trees and buildings. Our Virtuance team faced many roadblocks throughout Snowmageddon from connectivity issues to temporary power outages. That didn’t stop us from upholding our client’s expectations!


bomb cyclone wind map

We are proud of our Client Success Team and our Image Processing Team at Denver HQ. The Client Success Team worked tirelessly to update clients, to respond to calls/emails and to deliver their real estate photography shoots in a timely manner. Meanwhile, the Image Processing Team were masters at completing important edits to all of the real estate photos. Business as usual!

Here is a snapshot of our team in the office and working remote during the Bomb Cyclone:

At the office!! 

and at home!! 

staying warm with our families!

we can’t forget our furry friends!