Realvolve Podcast – Episode 7 – Jeff Corn with Virtuance Real Estate Photography

Realvolve Episode 7 – Nov 8, 2018

Jeff Corn is the CEO of Virtuance, one of the fastest growing real estate photography companies of today ( With his extensive experience in all facets of real estate including development, brokerage, marketing, and property management, Jeff brings a highly refined understanding of the real estate and vacation rental industries to bear on the strategic […]

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This Realvolve podcast dives into Jeff Corn’s beginnings in journalism to his role as the Chief Executive Officer of Virtuance Real Estate Photography.

From Journalism to Real Estate

Jeff discusses his experience working as a reporter in St. Joseph, MO and his role in collaborating with John Stossel on the bestseller, Give Me a Break as well as segments on 20/20.

Jeff’s interest for real estate development can be attributed to the economic development beat he covered while in Missouri. He decided to attend the University of Denver for his graduate degree in Business Development.

Virtuance Company Culture

One thing that stands out at Virtuance is their company culture. Jeff looks back on how it began and describes the culture as something that formed organically. After the original team members understood their culture five years ago, they distinguished their company values. For Virtuance, it’s more than just writing on a wall, its actual values in progress.

Virtuance was awarded “4th Best Place to Work” in Denver by Denver Business Journal. 

Photography and Buyer Psychology

The human eye is an incredible machine that is hard to emulate. Virtuance’s goal is to achieve a similar visceral image to what the eye can see. Jeff touches on how his team developed a visceral reaction from the composition of the image to the final product. He affirms that a large part of the process is formulaic.

“We are not creating art,” he says. “Our goal is to stand right beside the agent and help them sell their listing faster.” 

Virtuance spent a number of years understanding buyer psychology by conducting focus groups and eye-tracking studies. The delivered images are optimized for buyers.

New Technology and How it Affects the Industry

With virtual reality (VR) starting to emerge within the real estate industry, Virtuance considers how it affects marketing new listing properties. Jeff discusses how VR, although a cool technology, is not on Virtuance’s radar just yet.

Movie directors currently run into this dilemma of how to incorporate VR. They feel similarly in that VR may take away from the story that needs to be told. If users are able to create their own narrative by looking in whichever direction they want, they miss out on significant pieces.

Jeff believes that if buyers are using VR to view a listing, they will undoubtedly miss the most marketable features of the home, which in turn hurts all parties.

How Agents Build Their Brand

Lastly, Jeff discusses how agents who use Virtuance build their brand with professional real estate photography. HDReal® images will sell a listing faster and often times for more money, but what these images are especially good at is marketing the agents.

Consistency is key, though. When a seller’s agent chooses to use professional photography for high-end properties but not lower-median listings, they lose credibility with prospective clients.

It is reported that agents who use Virtuance images for real estate win more listings than agents who use similar photography companies.

Since 2010, Virtuance has worked to position itself as not only a photography company but a visual marketing company. Real estate agents will find a number of marketing resources through Virtuance including marketing brochures, listing presentation brochures and social media listing templates.