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The #1 Secret to Selling Your Home in a Competitive Market

By Lindsay Davis Last Updated October 8, 2019 2 min read

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Believe it or not, there is a tried and true strategy to successfully selling your home for a profit

You and your family are getting ready to move into a bigger home, which means you need to put your property on the market. You think you know the drill. You set up a listing appointment, you select a real estate agent and you ask your agent to set up the listing.

Your agent comes over to take images of your home and loads them onto the local MLS. You know the market is competitive, but you think your house is fabulous and will sell super quickly.

Things aren’t going as you envisioned, though. The open house was great, but the showings are slowing down and you’re starting to worry. Your house is great! Why aren’t buyers flocking from every direction? You begin to think you listed it too high. You start to worry that the housing bubble is bursting.

Turns out, you and your realtor did almost everything right. But one very important marketing strategy was missed.

There’s a secret to selling a home that not everyone is ‘in’ on. We’ll spill, though. It’s so simple, yet so powerful for both sellers and real estate agents. The #1 secret to selling your home in any market is professional real estate photography.

So many home sellers, as well as a number of realtors, do not know that the quality of real estate listing images can impact the home sale. Did you know that homes listed using professional real estate photography sell faster and for more money? It’s true.

Simply using professional photography can give your listing 60% more attention than listings featuring amateur photography.

Surprisingly, even certain professional photography vendors can help sell your listing faster than others. Virtuance Real Estate Photography conducted numerous third-party studies and found that properties marketed with their proprietary HDReal® images sell 45% faster than those that are marketed by the next most effective provider.

They also found that properties listed with Virtuance HDReal® images sell for more money than listings that do not use Virtuance.

Why do some professional listing photos get more attention online than others?

Virtuance’s extensive industry research helped them identify the essential characteristics that make buyers click on listings. With that information, they spent over two years developing their revolutionary imaging system, ensuring that every listing image has the attributes proven to make home buyers click on listings that may have otherwise been overlooked.


While there are a number of strategies that will help you sell your home, the number one most important strategy is using professional real estate photography.

Ready to sell your home? Take a look at Virtuance’s key features and ask your agent to schedule a listing shoot today.