How do you stack up online? Find out with these 4 free tools

The majority of real estate agents I meet have no idea if their online efforts are paying off at all.

They are told they need to have a Facebook page, that SEO is important and that they should be sending out a regular email newsletter to stay top-of-mind with clients.

This can all be overwhelming for a busy agent especially because real-time demands such as listings, showings, and contracts simply cannot wait until after the perfect email marketing newsletter has been crafted.

Even agents who do enjoy online marketing still find it hard to measure their ROI and validate the time and money they spend online. With so many marketing channels, droves of competition and limited time, it can be hard to determine if what you’re doing online is actually having any impact on your real estate business.

If you are wondering if your efforts are for naught, or how you stack up compared to the competition, here are four free tools that you can use to measure your online impact.