Virtuance’s New Licensing Policies Are MLS Friendly

Virtuance has announced policy changes that makes it easier for agents and MLS providers to use their images.

The new policy states that MLS providers and agents alike can use their photos for listings without needing to have written permission to do so.

Lawsuits that affect Realtors

Over the past year, several photographers have filed copyright infringement lawsuits against MLS providers. The photographers cited that photos used on MLS sites were stripped of copyright data including the owner’s name and other ownership information. They also stated that the MLS providers did not receive written permission to use the photos they shot for their clients.

These cases have also put agents in a position to be sued by photographers. If an agent crops a photo before uploading to the MLS, they potentially strip the photo of copyright data. If they do this without written permission, they become vulnerable to a lawsuit as well.

The National Association of Realtors has even weighed in on this issue. NAR is advising agents to not use any photos for their listings without written – not verbal – agreements that give them “unfettered” use of the photographs for real estate purposes.

pexels-photo-213077Virtuance makes it easy

To ease these concerns, Virtuance’s new policy grants their clients the necessary rights to upload their photos to MLS sites without needing written permission.

“With everything we do, we want to put our clients’ best interest in mind,” stated Jeff Corn, Co-founder and CEO of Virtuance. “With this update, we’re leading the way to ensuring that our licensing policies make it incredibly easy for our clients to be most successful in marketing their listings!”

Full details of their licensing policy can be found here.