FAA Compliant Drone Photography in Phoenix, San Diego, Austin, CO

Virtuance, one of the nation’s leading real estate photography providers, is now providing FAA compliant aerial drone photography in Phoenix, San Diego, Austin and throughout the state of Colorado.

Virtuance is one of the first companies in the nation to offer this service for the real estate industry in compliance with current FAA requirements.

“Aerial photography is an incredible marketing tool for the right property,” says Jeff Corn, Virtuance’s co-founder, and CEO. “We take care of the federal compliance details and insurance requirements so our clients can market properties with drone photography without losing sleep at night.” Virtuance works only with qualified pilots who meet all of the criteria currently set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Aerial HDReal® Imagery produces the same consistent results agents and their clients are used to receiving from the HDReal® Imaging System.

Virtuance sets a new standard for quality and consistency in the way properties are marketed that also provides great value for agents. Properties marketed with the award-winning HDReal® Imaging System sell on average 45% faster and 75% closer to the asking price as compared to properties marketed with other similarly priced solutions.