David Fuller

Chief Revenue Officer

David Fuller

As Virtuance’s Chief Revenue Officer, David brings extensive experience identifying the “right” culture, the “right” people and the “right” processes in order to scale a business profitably. With both national and international executive management experience, David has worked to create annual revenue growth of as much as 300% at several of his previous companies.

At Virtuance David is responsible for developing and managing the company’s sales team as well as developing and designing effective sales processes that contribute towards the company’s revenue growth.

David’s previous work experience has been diverse. He has worked for a Johnson & Johnson medical device company and, at the time, the fourth largest software company in the world. Those experiences helped establish his basic business management principles and philosophies and led him to start five businesses of his own in both the USA and Europe.

David is a Colorado native and loves all things outdoors. He is a thrill seeker by nature which would explain his seven orthopedic surgeries. He loves to play most all sports and is very competitive. He comes from a long line of college athletes that hate to lose which is evident at the family’s annual event (the “Fuller Olympics”).