Emily Box

Client Success Specialist and Vacation Rental Lead


Emily grew up the middle child of three girls in the Midwest. With an artistic, free-spirited, acupuncturist mother, and an adventurous, rock-climbing, engineer dad, Emily grew up learning and understanding balance. Today, she strives to constantly create balance and calm in her life and the ones around her.

Emily became a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant in 2013, and while she cares deeply about nutrition, food, and healing, she realized the thing she loved most was not planning diets, it was helping others feel understood. It gives her great satisfaction to assist others and solve problems. For these reasons, she truly enjoys her role in client success at Virtuance.

In her free time, Emily loves cooking, trying new restaurants, camping, taking road trips, and, let’s be honest, sometimes binge-watching Netflix.