“This has just been a huge benefit for my real estate career. I am thrilled to add all of these homes with professional photos to my portfolio when I go on listing apointments. I typically get 100% of the listings I go on due to repeat and referral business.” 

– Wanda, Keller Williams 

“My listing went under contract less than 48 hours after posting Virtuance pictures verses when I had posted my own pictures. Virtuance improved my branding as now anything I post has high quality photos that confirms my commitment to a higher standard of client care.” 

– Alisa Long, Colorado Realty Pros

“In the past 2 years, I have won 40% more listing appointments since switching to Virtuance Real Estate Photography.”

– Amy, EXIT Realty


“The overall experience was amazing! From the uncomplicated booking process online, to a quick & easy photo session and same day delivery of amazing photographs, the pre-listing experience was already great! The home I listed had over 20 showings on Day 1 and was under contract well over listing price (cash buyer) on Day 3! I was very pleased with everything & will most definitely use Virtuance for my upcoming listings as well!”

– Daniela, RE/MAX

“Just recently we listed 3 homes relatively in the same area, all 3 homes had 30+ showings the first weekend on market and 2 of the 3 homes got offers at $20k over asking price. Virtuance’s amazing images for real estate helps create excitement and interest in our listing and definitely draws a motivated buyer, which is incredibly beneficial to our Sellers!” 

– Matt, Keller Williams

“We all know that a great listing is only as great as we allow it to be in our online marketing, and it all starts with professional real estate photos and virtual tours. Thank you, Virtuance, for the hard work and the extra mile you go to make our listings stand out above the rest. One less worry for us REALTORS!”

– Rebecca, Keller Williams


“My success story is simple. I just started using Virtuance for real estate photography last month. So far, all three of my listings have sold on the first day on the market. It’s hard to do better than that!”


“First impressions are important. I recently listed my personal home for sale and as a realtor, I knew I needed the best internet exposure possible! I wanted photos that presented my home in the very best way. My only choice to achieve this excellence for my personal home was Virtuance. I sold my home in just 11 days and for over list price!”

– Deb, Long Realty West Valley

“Each and every time I go out on a listing appointment, I highlight the beautiful real estate pictures and virtual tour that you [Virtuance] provided for my last listing. Basically, once I do this, there is nothing I need to say to my potential client to prove to them that they will receive first class service.”

– Lorraine, Holistic Realtor, Keller Williams


“Since more than 87% of the buyers start online, having perfect pictures is a must. As I sit with sellers and show their current competition, and the pictures those agents have in the MLS, they notice the difference immediately and want the best. Combining Virtuance with staging is the secret combination. I so strongly believe in that winning twosome that I pay for both out of my pocket to assure me a bigger paycheck in the end!

The days on the market have decreased thanks to the beautiful pictures drawing buyers in before the listing goes away! It is so evident when Virtuance takes the pictures: No fisheye, true colors, more structure of the room showing rather than the furniture, and the toilet seat is always down. You’re crazy if you are not using Virtuance… leave the pictures to the professionals at Virtuance.”

– Cheri, Metro Brokers


“Because of Virtuance, My effectiveness with people doing real estate searches online is 100% better than with standard photos. The pictures are impressive and draw the buyers in to want to know more. I have had so many calls on listings that I credit to using Virtuance. With my sellers, I also find they remember how beautiful their home looked in the marketing materials, and it is one of the primary things they mention when referring me to others. I am proud of my real estate brand and Virtuance is a great partner.”

– Phoebe, RE/MAX