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5 Real Estate Bio Tips to Help You Stand Out as a Realtor

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated February 12, 2020 3 min read

A real estate bio is an important way to summarize your skills and achievements. A well-written real estate bio also allows both home sellers and buyers to have a better understanding of who you are. Below are 5 tips for creating a professional real estate bio:

1. Tell why/how you chose real estate

Your potential clients want to know not only that you love real estate, but also why. A real estate bio is a great place to share this story. Even if you’re a new agent, your path to real estate should be shared in your bio. You could even suggest that because you are a new agent, you’re an agile go-getter willing to go the extra mile for clients.

Additionally, when describing how you got into real estate, you can highlight any previous careers that enhance your position as a real estate agent. For example, if you used to be an accountant, you’re great with numbers! Or say you used to be an event planner..you’ve got great attention to detail. Wherever you were before real estate, there’s a story there worth telling.

2. Highlight your industry accomplishments

After you share why and how you chose real estate, you’ll want to highlight any accomplishments you had as a real estate agent. Here are some noteworthy accomplishments: if you closed quicker than any other agent in your farm area, if you sold a listing above area comps, if you are the top agent at your agency, etc.

Again, if you are a new agent and are still working on building your brand/career as a realtor, you can still highlight accomplishments. Look to your agency and highlight the accomplishments your agency made as a team over the last year. This is a good way to fill in that part of your real estate bio until you close some deals of your own!

3. Showcase your love for the community

In this part of your real estate bio, let readers know what you enjoy about the area you service. If you’ve lived in your community for a long time, mention your community connections like where you went to school, your favorite restaurants to eat at, the parks you go to, and so on. Your clients want to know that you are an advocate for the community they are buying/selling in.

4. Format your bio in third person

A real estate bio written in third person offers a professional and unbiased impression of who you are. If your bio is currently in first person, it’s easy to switch it over. Additionally, you can sprinkle in some social proof with quoted testimonials about your services. These can be in first person to help break up the formatting and add more personalization.

5. Address pain points and include your solution

Similar to a listing presentation, address potential pain points that your potential clients may face. This is an effective way to help buyers and sellers relate to your bio. You can include pain points like the stress of picking a realtor, the stress of moving/finding a home in a competitive market, the fear of not selling at a high enough price, and so on.

After you mention the pain points, include your solutions to the problems. This shows that you understand their stresses and fears while showing how confident you are in addressing those issues.

A stand out real estate bio is written in third person, tells readers why you became a real estate agent, highlights your accomplishments as well as your love for the community, and last but not least, addresses pain points while offering solutions.

Writing a real estate listing bio can take some time. If you need help with time blocking, click here.