Grab more attention

With 96% of homebuyers making their purchasing decisions online, your listing needs to ramp up and grab their attention right away.

Generate more clicks that turn into showings and solid offers with dramatic aerial photography. Your aerial images will show the home along with the entire property, surrounding neighborhood, and views. 

Perfect for any property

Not sure if your drone real estate photography will boost your listing? Many property types benefit from an uplifting perspective. 

  • Sweeping views
  • Acreage with outbuildings
  • Show proximity to surrounding locations
  • Multiple roof elevations and features not easily visible from the ground
  • Sloped land creates a challenge to show the front elevation

Elevate your business

Distinguish your listing from the pack with gorgeous aerial images. In a 2020 member study, the National Association of Realtors found that only 35% of real estate agents use drones in their business.

Aerial images attract the right buyers to sell this listing and land your next seller. Use those same winning images on social media to heighten your brand awareness and marketing skills.

Relax, we've
got this!

When you order drone photography and video, we do all the heavy lifting so you can get all the credit!

Once you schedule a shoot, our drone pilots take care of scheduling a flight and capturing eye-popping images and video then our processing team handles the delivery of your final images. We make the process a breeze so you can stay focused on your business!

Whoa, is drone photography even legal?

Absolutely! Our drone pilots are 100% compliant with all FAA rules and regulations, and we carry all necessary insurance to ensure that you have all the benefits and none of the risk.

Frequently Asked Drone Photography Questions

Drone photography, also known as aerial photography, is captured by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), more commonly known as a drone. A camera is attached to the drone and can capture still images and video. From the ground, a licensed drone pilot operates the drone while capturing images and video.

The difference between a ground shoot and aerial shoot: elevation of the vantage point, equipment, and what is photographed. The Aerial shoot has a licensed drone pilot that has been trained with photographing property exteriors with a drone in the sky! Our Ground photographers capture the subject property with their camera and capture both interior and exterior images.

Our aerial stills and/or video will capture your property’s exterior front, rear facade, and grounds from the skies. The aerial view will also show the property’s location in the neighborhood, the views beyond the home, and the proximity to marketable landmarks.

Our photographers follow the recommended guidelines of aviation authorities and fly below 400 feet (121 meters) for aerial photography. In certain locations, additional airspace restrictions may require that we fly lower or cancel the shoot (if drones are not permitted within that area). 


Restricted airspaces can include:

  • Sports stadiums
  • Airports
  • Special use airspaces
  • Security-sensitive airspaces


Please be aware that we are also not typically permitted to fly our drones over public or common spaces, such as public parks, beaches, and homeowners associations, so we cannot complete aerial subdivision shoots and do not offer aerial stock images.

Due to the more delicate nature of the flying drones, inclement weather such as high winds, rain, and snow are not conducive to aerial photography. If the pilot doesn’t feel the weather conditions can support the flight, we will cancel the photoshoot at no cost. We always recommend checking the weather forecast in advance of your appointment as well as the day before the photoshoot.

For safety reasons, we cannot fly a drone inside a home. Flying a drone inside a home has a lot of room for issues to happen, not to mention would likely give the homeowner a panic attack. We find that our ground photographers are best able to capture the interiors and exteriors from the ground level. Our aerial photography best captures property exteriors from the sky.

Our aerial pilots need to submit a flight plan to the FAA for their photoshoots and sometimes they need prior authorization to fly in restricted airspace. Since they need to be cleared to fly at a certain time of day, we do need to schedule an exact date and time

Our Aerial and Ground photoshoots are scheduled as two separate orders for the same address as they require two different photographers with very different equipment. It’s best to schedule each order back-to-back instead of at the same time. We don’t want either photographer showing up your images!