Tie the room together

A blank canvas is not always a good thing. 

When looking at homes online, buyers want to imagine themselves living in the space, and that's hard to do when viewing empty rooms.

Adding virtual staging gives buyers a better depiction of what life would be like in your listing!


Save Money

Traditional staging can get expensive quickly. With virtual staging, you accomplish the same goal and quality at a lower cost!

Save Time

Let us do all of the work! Once we complete your images, our team will load them into your image gallery.

Earn More

Listings that feature staging can sell 75% faster than listings without.

How to Order

  • Submit your order

    Order your photo shoot online and select "virtual staging" on the Marketing Enhancements step. Select the room and the staging style you'd like from the dropdowns provided.

    Want to add virtual staging for a listing we already photographed? Click here!
  • We work

    Our visual marketing experts will select the best image of the room(s) you selected and will stage them to look amazing! The typical turnaround time is two business days.

  • We deliver

    Once the images are finalized, you'll be notified and we'll add your images to your image gallery automatically! 

Virtual Staging Styles

Staging Style: Contemporary

Contemporary staging design embraces clean lines and simplicity with an emphasis on comfort. The focus is on functionality and essential forms while leveraging a fusion of styles that blend modernism, mid-century, and Scandinavian. 

Staging Style: Scandinavian

Originating from the Nordics, Scandinavian staging design highlights simplicity and functionality. Furniture is clean, minimalistic, and stripped down to its essential elements leaving a fresh and light look to any room. 

Staging Style: Farmhouse

Farmhouse draws inspiration from traditional rural farmhouses and countryside living for a more rustic or country-style home. Farmhouse evokes a warm and cozy atmosphere with its charming and nostalgic appeal. 

Staging Style: Traditional

Traditional staging is rooted in historical periods and draws inspiration from classic and timeless design elements. Traditional design embodies elegance, sophistication, and craftsmanship and is a great design for almost any listing.