How Subconscious Patterns Are Hurting Your Real Estate Business

In 95% of the decisions you make, your subconscious mind plays an influential role. Cari Briner outlines how developing emotional intelligence is just as essential as developing logical thinking in this episode of Curb Appeal. She and our host Rachel Gombosch discuss work-life balance, subconscious and conscious thinking patterns, and how to separate yourself from your work.

Guest: Cari Briner,  Global Real Estate Leader & Holistic Business Coach

Noteworthy: Over the past two years, she has built a national business and life coaching company, Achieve Freedom Coaching. Business Insider has featured Cari as one of the most innovative business coaches in the country.



How to Find a Niche, Grow Your Business, and Live Your Purpose

Those looking to succeed in the modern-day business world should find an area they can specialize in and build a community around it. Listen in as Tony Farah, the founder of Tony Farah Group joins Virtuance host Rachel Gombosch to discuss why real estate agents struggle to create a unique selling proposition. They also discuss how to niche down your strategy and succeed in the modern-day business world.

Guest: Tony Farah,  Founder of the Tony Farah Group

Noteworthy: Tony is a top producing real estate agent and author on a mission to help families with special needs go through the relocation process as smoothly as possible. 



How to Make the Most of Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and can work miracles for your brand. But, many business owners — primarily those who have been in the market since before the internet and social media — are still looking for proof on the value of building a social media presence.

Guest: Maris Callahan,  Founder of The Social Broker

Noteworthy: With over a decade and a half of experience in marketing, Maris is on a mission to work with real estate agents and entrepreneurs to craft social media strategies to help them build their online presence and grow their businesses.


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