Dollhouse View

Matterport’s dollhouse view allows users to view a home from every angle. Users can rotate the home to view angles they may not otherwise see.

Inside View

This is perhaps the most interactive and immersive part of this marketing enhancement. With this view, users can freely take a virtual tour of the home. They can see the rooms at every angle available.


Matterport 3D is a great way to allow potential buyers to view a property anytime, anywhere.

An immersive
virtual tour experience

Matterport’s nex-gen technology offers real estate buyers a completely immersive and engaging experience using virtual reality technology. In fact, their tours integrate with all VR devices, allowing viewers to feel as though they are walking through the listing in a virtual tour.

Increase your
buyer pool

With Matterport 3D Tours, no buyer is too far away. This real estate marketing tool is an impactful way to reach out-of-state and international buyers looking to move to your city. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Matterport 3D is a digital technology that creates an interactive and immersive 3D rendering of a property as a walkthrough virtual tour. Matterport 3D products allow users to view a home from every angle and in different views. From dollhouse to an inside view, users can freely view the space at any time and on any device, including VR.

Matterport 3D tour pricing starts at $99 for less than 2,000 sqft when added as an enhancement to your image package. As a stand-alone product without images, Matterport 3D tours start at $149 for less than 2,000 sqft.

Matterport 3D tours are hosted online and cannot be downloaded. Your Matterport product will be delivered as a URL link and will be embedded into your listing website. Copy and paste your Mattport 3D tour link to share it anywhere.

Full help article: Can I download my Matterport 3D Tour?

Increase your buyer pool with Matterport 3D virtual tours where buyers can virtually walk through your real estate listing as if they were there! Create a virtual open house for any buyer, even out-of-state and international, to view your listing in an impactful way.

Yes, Zillow does support Matterport 3D tours on its platform. Copy and paste your Matterport 3D tour link into the section for virtual tours on your Zillow listing.

Matterport 3D and Zillow 3D Home tours are very similar products – they use the same cameras and similar software to photograph and process. Both Matteport and Zillow support 360° navigation, MLS compliant links, and the ability to hide/show panos. Where they differ is only Matterport provides a Dollhouse view and the tour is hosted for only 6 months. Zillow provides priority placement on, unlimited hosting, and can capture exterior spaces.