Bring your listing to life. 

Ideal for remote buyers, our walkthroughs save time while still allowing them to explore the property as if they were there in person!


Our Walkthrough Videos make a great addition to your listing content. The video highlights the main living areas and is accompanied by modern and uplifting music that perfectly captures the essence of the home. 


*At this time, we do not offer Twilight Walkthrough Videos as part of our standard services. 

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Win More Listings

85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video marketing.

Get Better Results

Properties listed with video get 4x more inquiries than listings without video.

Improve Social Exposure

Social posts with videos have higher reach and engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Save time and money

A Walkthrough Video provides a clear view of the floor plan and room flow, helping buyers assess whether the layout and surroundings align with their preferences.

Walkthrough Videos save you time and money on unnecessary visits, as buyers can make informed decisions without physically being present.

Get your name out there!

Did you know 80% of consumers watch videos online each week, and a video has influenced half of those users to make a purchase?

Share your videos on YouTube and social media platforms to increase your brand awareness and generate more business!

Auto-Publishing to The Marketing Suite

Your Walkthrough Video is automatically added to your listing website on the Marketing Suite - saving you time and allowing you to market faster!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently offering Walkthrough Videos in Denver, CO; Colorado Springs, CO; Northern Colorado; Baltimore, MD; Charlotte, NC; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; and Phoenix, AZ. We are working on rolling it out in more markets soon!

Please note that at this time, we do not offer Twilight Walkthrough Videos as part of our standard services. If you order a Twilight photoshoot with a walkthrough video included, the walkthrough video portion of the service will be captured during daylight hours. While the photoshoot will still occur during twilight to ensure the desired ambiance, the walkthrough video will not reflect this timing.

Runtime is directly tied to square footage. Videos are typically about 1-3 minutes long.

All Walkthrough Videos include a brief look at the front and rear exterior of the property. If your property has outdoor living spaces that you’d like highlighted in the video, choose the “Walkthrough Video w/ Outdoor Spaces”.

Format: MP4

Download Resolution: 720p, 30fps

Aspect Ratio of Videos: 16:9

Yes! All lights will be turned on with the exception of any lights that are operated via dimmer switch present within the home. Any lights operated via dimmer switch will need to be turned off so as not to produce undeliverable footage. The frequency in these types of switches to the actual bulb can create “banding” in the actual video footage therefore they will be turned off by our Partners to avoid this unless there is not enough available light within the space, in that event they would leave them on.

Videos will be branded by default including:

  • Agent Name
  • Agent Company
  • Agent Phone Number
  • Property Address
  • Virtuance Logo at end of Video

If you’d prefer never to have branded videos, feel free to call our client success team and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Your video will be uploaded to the VMS and visible under the video section of your listing.

No edits are allowed.