3 Tips to Sell Your Listing Faster

To be a successful agent, you have two main goals: sell your listings fast and for as close to asking price as possible. There’s no magic potion or difficult 20-step program to achieve this success. Follow these three simple tips and watch your listings and referrals increase!

1. Beautify your home by de-cluttering and cleaning

When a potential homebuyer visits a listing, they are imagining themselves living there. This starts with the curb appeal of the house, so make sure the yard is tidy, the exterior of the home is welcoming, and the driveway is powerwashed.
When cleaning the interior, make sure the house seems as large as possible by removing clutter. Homebuyers don’t want to see mail, photos, or knick-knacks busying up the house. Once again, homebuyers are envisioning themselves living there. To this point, also make sure every room is spotless and nice-smelling. You don’t want to lose a sale because the kitchen smelled like cat-litter do you?

2. Establish a marketing plan

With over 92% of homebuyers viewing listings online, your digital presence is critical. Go beyond just listing on Zillow. Share your listings on social media, your personal blog, and through email marketing. The more times a homebuyer is exposed to your listing, the better chance they will recall it and want to see the house in-person.
To ensure your listing marketing is as successful as possible,

3. Use professional photography!

Over 83% of all homebuyers who view listings online say photography is the most useful feature in choosing which properties to view. This means that if you aren’t using attractive images, you could be losing out on views and sales.
There’s a reason agents who use professional photography on every listing make double the average GCI. Using professional photography highlights the most marketable features of the home that makes buyers fall in love. This “love” translates into faster sales and multiple-offer situations.
Professional real estate photography is the most powerful marketing tool you can use to sell your listings faster. High-quality images can have a tremendous impact on not only your brand but the experience your client has when working with you.