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30 Instagram Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated May 14, 2021 1 min read

Social Media Marketing is essential for real estate agents. Social media channels, like Instagram, drive brand awareness and engagement for many businesses, especially real estate.

The real estate industry relies on high-quality visuals and informative data points, both easily shareable on Instagram. You can create beautiful posts for free on sites like Canva.

If you’re stumped posting captivating content to your Instagram page, take a look at our list of ideas below:

  1. Just Listed Photo Tour
  2. Listing of the Week 
  3. Local Restaurant Feature
  4. Local Event Coverage 
  5. Day in the Life
  6. Market Statistics
  7. Top Restaurants 
  8. Giveaway
  9. Closing Day
  10. Agent Feature
  11. Ask Me a Question
  12. Community Service
  13. Interior Design Tips
  14. Local Park Day Post
  15. Nature Appreciation Post
  16. Top Coffee Shops
  17. Farmers Markets
  18. Tips for Home Buyers
  19. Tips for Home Sellers 
  20. Curb Appeal Ideas
  21. Decluttering Tips
  22. Brokerage News
  23. Seasonal Lawncare Insights
  24. Team Events and Outings
  25. Client Success Stories
  26. Before and After
  27. This or That Listing Poll
  28. Aerial Views 
  29. Behind the Scenes of Listing Photoshoot
  30. Virtual Open House