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4 Top Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads in Austin, Texas

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated December 2, 2021 3 min read

The Austin job market is booming, and people are flocking to the city for fresh opportunities. An influx of prospective buyers and renters encourages Austin-area homeowners to list or lease their properties. If you’re a real estate agent in Austin, Texas, it’s a great time to amplify your lead generation efforts. 

There are several effective ways to generate valuable real estate leads in Austin. When it comes to lead generation, real estate professionals must focus on market-specific strategies. 

Here are the four best ways to generate real estate leads in Austin: 

1. Real Estate Content

Successful real estate agents are thought leaders in their communities. If you want to be a real estate thought leader in Austin, start publishing content to your blog. A real estate blog helps you rank on search engines when people input your targeted keywords. 

The higher you rank for Austin real estate inquiries, the more valuable leads you generate. To generate leads directly from your blog, add an email capture form to your posts. 

Your email capture form can be in line with the text or a pop-up on the page. Try experimenting with different formats to see which one generates the most email addresses of potential clients. 

Once you have a healthy email address list, implement an email marketing strategy using your real estate content. You can nurture your leads with informative email content about the Austin real estate market. 

It typically takes seven touches to turn a prospect into a client. An automated email campaign will help you nurture leads for your real estate business around the clock. 

2. Social Media

Real estate content isn’t just for blogging and email marketing – it also helps enhance your social media channels. You can create several social media posts using your blog content. You can link your blog or website to your posts within the comments. 

It’s crucial to fill out the company information and add a website URL to your social media business pages. How many leads you can generate through these platforms by simply providing a link to your website may shock you. 

Your social media channels should include your contact info as well as your website URL. Keep in mind that each social media platform displays contact/company information differently. 


Your Facebook Business Page features your contact information on the side panel along with details about your real estate company. Additionally, you can add a call-to-action button directly under your cover photo. 


On Instagram, your company information and website URL is visible in a section between your profile picture and your posts. 

People search social platforms like Facebook and Instagram for local businesses. You are more likely to pop up in their search for “Real Estate Agent Austin” if you add those keywords to your profile name and within your “about me” section.  

austin real estate lead generation
If you’re a new real estate agent in Austin, Texas, try these methods of lead generation!

3. Virtuance Marketing Suite

If you could beautifully showcase your client’s listing on a single property website, would you? Of course, you would! A single property website is a fantastic way to generate leads. 

Single property websites can cost money, so most agents only use the MLS and third-party sites like Zillow. Fortunately, some real estate photography companies include a free listing website with every real estate photo shoot. 

Virtuance, for example, offers all real estate clients access to the Virtuance Marketing Suite. Within the Marketing Suite, agents can view and download listing images, edit their listing website, and review statistics on new leads. 

Additionally, the Virtuance Marketing Suite is a powerful tool that uses SEO to rank on search engines, meaning your Austin real estate listing is visible on Google. 

4. Community Events

Successful real estate agents are advocates for their community. They know the latest happenings, the Austin housing inventory, the most popular restaurants, and must-visit parks around the city. They are also known by the members of their community. Instead of cold calling, get involved in your community!

One grassroots way to generate real estate leads is to attend local events in the Austin area. You can find events in Austin by doing a quick Google search. Mingle with others at these events and let them know you’re a local agent. Most people are interested in discussing local real estate as it is, even if they’re not current prospective clients. 

If you’d prefer to generate leads more formally, see if any events in Austin offer a sponsorship or a table. Another option is to set up a booth or table at a business campus location/park to find prospective buyers or sellers. Check with the campus’s information desk and see if they allow real estate brokerages on site.