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5 Curb Appeal Hacks to Sell Your Home Faster

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated February 24, 2023 3 min read

Now is an excellent time to list your home. It’s currently a seller’s market, and while it’s cooling down slightly, the market is unlikely to flip any time soon. Some sellers take advantage of the hot market by listing their homes in a nearly “as is” condition. By that, we mean they do not see the need to upgrade or fix anything in their house before they list. 

If you want to maximize your ROI, you can do several things to help your home sell fast and for the most money. A decluttered and updated house stands out in real estate images online. 

This article discusses five curb appeal hacks to help increase online traffic to your listing, boost buyer interest, and sell your home faster.

Here are five easy ways to enhance your property’s curb appeal: 

Tidy up the Groundcover

The first thing you should do to enhance your curb appeal is clean up your groundcover. Pristine landscaping shows well in professional real estate photos. Start by pulling weeds and laying down a new weed barrier in areas you plan to cover with fresh mulch. Additionally, mow and edge your lawn the day before your scheduled photoshoot

Prune the Hedges and Trees

Next, focus on any unruly foliage that takes away from your curb appeal. If your hedges or trees are overgrown, they will feel and look heavier in listing images.


You can maintain your hedges by hand-pruning and shearing throughout the year. And when it comes to trees, pruned trees are more appealing, healthy, and proportional.

Here are five tips on how to trim hedges

Paint the Exterior

A fresh coat of exterior paint is likely the top way to enhance your curb appeal. Painting the exterior of your home allows you to partake in the latest real estate trends. 

You can find trends by reviewing newly sold and listed homes on Zillow, searching for exterior paint trends on Pinterest, or simply driving around your neighborhood. Paint companies, like Behr, offer trend reports both on their website and at home improvement stores. 

mid-mod home with yellow door

When painting your home, make sure to select the correct sheen for each surface—for example, reserve semi-gloss and hi-gloss sheens for trim, shutters, and garage doors. Use flat and satin sheens for the main body of the home. Here’s a guide on different sheens and where to use them.

Pressure Wash the Pavement

If you have time before hiring a real estate photographer, pressure washing your driveway, sidewalk, and any other pavement can further enhance curb appeal. Pressure washing removes build-up and grime that can accumulate, but it can also damage concrete if done too frequently.

Add Potted Plants

This last hack makes curb appeal pop. Before listing your home and even before hiring a real estate photographer, add beautiful potted plants to your porch. Potted flowers and leafy plants are inviting and warm. Potted plants are an affordable way to add curb appeal if you’re on a budget. Additionally, you can take your potted plants with you after you sell! 

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You can sell your home faster by boosting your curb appeal. Consider the five easy and affordable curb appeal hacks above to help your home stand out both in listing images and at in-person showings.