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5 Home Staging Tips in Fort Collins to Sell More Listings

By Emily Maracle Last Updated October 20, 2022 3 min read

Fort Collins, Colorado, is known for its unique and charming homes. When it comes to selling a home in Fort Collins and Colorado High Country, staging is key to making sure your listing stands out from the crowd.

Here are five tips on how to stage a home in Fort Collins that will help you sell more listings:

1. Use color to your advantage

Fort Collins, CO, is home to many beautiful and colorful homes. When staging a home in Fort Collins, take advantage of this by using color.

Bright green chairs accent a neutral room
Using a few accent pieces in an eye-catching color will stand out to buyers

Bright and bold colors throughout the home will make it pop and stand out from other listings. However, be mindful that buyers will still need to imagine themselves in the home, so remain restrained in color options. Try and pick a few key pieces or items to highlight and leave the rest of the home neutral.

2. Make use of outdoor space

One of the great things about living in Fort Collins is the available outdoor space. Set up a nice patio area or deck with furniture and décor, making it look like an inviting place to relax.

A decorated outdoor space can enhance a home staging
Celebrating outdoor space is key to converting buyers in Fort Collins

As a buyer looking to live in Fort Collins likely enjoys the outdoors, you’ll want to highlight that your listing has it available.

3. Use rustic and country-chic décor

A farmhouse, country-chic bathroom
Classic country-chic or rustic décor will attract buyers in High Country

Cater to your clientele by using rustic and country-chic décor throughout the home. Since this is a popular style in Fort Collins, it will give your listing a unique and charming feel, appealing to buyers in the area.

And if you’re a bit lost on what that means for staging a home, think farmhouse, cabin, and charming vintage pieces.

4. Highlight the home’s unique features

Showcase unique features in your home staging and listing photos

Fort Collins is full of homes with unique and interesting features, which is important to highlight when staging. This could be anything from exposed brick walls to beautiful wood beams. Whatever it is, showcase it so buyers can see what makes your listing special.

5. Use professional photography

While taking photos of your listing yourself is possible, using a professional real estate photographer can take your listing to the next level. As most buyers view listings and homes online, showing off your home staging with professional photos can work wonders. With professional real estate photography, you’re likely to attract more eyes to your listing, generate more leads, and sell your listing faster.

An easy way to find a Fort Collins real estate photographer

By following these tips on how to stage a home in Fort Collins, you will be well on your way to selling more listings. And if you haven’t tried using a professional real estate photographer, consider using Virtuance.

As a professional real estate photography business, we offer 3D tours, HDReal® photography, virtual staging, floor plans, and aerial shots to ensure your listing in Colorado High Country come to life.