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5 Tips For Staging a Spring Listing

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated May 11, 2021 4 min read

Spring is a beautiful season to attract interested home buyers to a listing. As cold weather and bare trees transition to warm sunny days and new blooms, many people are ready for a fresh start, including a new home! 

Take a look at the five tips below to help your clients prepare their listing for spring showings: 

Spring Staging Tip #1: Declutter 

The first step of staging a listing doesn’t involve staging at all. Your client must begin with decluttering their home if they want to sell well in the spring. Decluttering includes removing unnecessary items from living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and garages. 

Homebuyers will see almost if not every room during a showing, and you want your client’s home to wow them! 

declutter - staging for spring - virtuance

If your client has a storage space in their home, encourage them to place unused, miscellaneous items there. Better yet, see if your client is interested in removing and donating any unneeded items as they prepare their home to sell. Another option would be for your client to rent an offsite storage unit to store some of the house essentials they plan to take with them after selling their home. 

To get your client started on their decluttering journey, show them this list of 20 Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen in 20 Minutes

Spring Staging Tip #2: Deep Clean

Spring is the season known for cleaning, so this tip shouldn’t come as a surprise. After your client declutters their property, it’s time to clean. They should know that this isn’t just a spit shine cleaning, but a deep clean. We’re talking about dusting top to bottom, mopping, vacuuming, window cleaning, and even baseboards. 

staging for spring - kitchen - virtuance

If your client is serious about selling their listing fast and for the most money possible, a deep clean is essential. Many people are far too busy and stressed to put in the work required for a deep clean. It would be best to help your client find a reputable cleaning company to do the hard work for them. 

Here are some house cleaning hacks your client may find useful.

Spring Staging Tip #3: Freshen Up

Now that the home is clean and decluttered, it’s time to freshen up the space. Adding a touch of freshness can elevate any room and leave a lasting impression during showings. 

living room with fireplace mantle

Did you know that smells are linked directly to emotional recall? Certain scents can boost positive feelings and decrease stress. Learn more about sensory marketing here: Boost Your Listing Performance with Sensory Marketing.

You can either provide your client with staging items like fresh flowers for the kitchen table or a bowl of real lemons for the kitchen island or give them some suggestions to achieve this step independently. 

Spring Staging Tip #4: Add Light Bright Colors

A simple way to stage a spring listing is by switching out throw pillows and blankets. Your client can decide between a cheerful, bright color palette or keep it light and neutral. Either option they choose, switching out these items can help a spring listing stand out. 

living room - staging - virtuance

There are plenty of affordable spring-themed throw pillows and blankets at stores like HomeGoods, Target, Walmart, and even Amazon. When choosing colors, we suggest keeping it fun but lean towards neutral! 

Spring Staging Tip #5: Update Curtains 

Similar to switching out the throw pillows and blankets, ask your client to take a look at their curtains. If the curtains are heavy or dark, suggest a refresh for a spring staging. For example, sheer curtains allow more light to brighten up the home. The listing will feel larger and more open at showings if the curtains are light and sheer. 

staging listing - curtains - spring

Curtains can be expensive, though. There are affordable curtains, however, available at retailers like Ikea and Amazon. If your client is not interested in purchasing new curtains, they can consider removing them entirely to really open up the space. 

With these five tips for staging a spring listing, you and your client can prepare for a successful home selling process!