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6 Fall Real Estate Blog Ideas 2022

By Lauren Vaccaro Last Updated October 24, 2022 3 min read

You’ve likely heard that as a real estate agent, you should be creating content, but it can be difficult to add blogging to your long list of things to do as a busy agent. 

However, blogging for other real estate agents or clients is a great way to bring traffic to your website and generate leads. To avoid missing the opportunity for new clients or referrals, we’ve created a list of six fresh fall real estate blog post ideas! 

1. Fall open house ideas

A home staged for the fall season

Help your readers get into the fall spirit with fall open house ideas as a blog topic. Homeowners and real estate agents may be looking for fun ways to host a welcoming open house this season. 

Try refreshment recommendations such as apple cider, a fall charcuterie board, cookies from a local bakery, or caramel apples.

Or, recommend ways to create a cozy atmosphere with staging tips such as knit blankets, cinnamon-scented candles, pumpkins, and mums. Whatever open house tips you have on hand, share them! 

2. Cozy restaurants to try this fall 

Not all of your blog posts have to be directly real estate related. For example, sharing local favorites can bring in new readers and help show you are in the know. 

A great way to start is by sharing cozy restaurant recommendations. Try to pick locally-owned places that offer something unique rather than the usual chains in most cities. Share the inside scoop if you know of any discounts, fun happy hours, or specials! 

3. Fall curb appeal tips

Fall curb appeal

Who doesn’t love a styled fall porch? Fall trees and landscaping have a way of showing off all on their own, but it’s also a great time to give specific tips for autumn curb appeal

For example, you can recommend lining a walkway with inexpensive solar lights, pumpkins, or fall mums. Encourage homeowners to continue mowing and trimming grass, even though it’s on the way out. Or, perhaps add a fall wreath. 

Most importantly, clean up the cobwebs and dust around the front entryway. Let’s go for a classy fall, not a spooky Halloween. 

4. Local hikes with beautiful fall leaves

Beautiful fall colored leaves surround a home

One of the most-searched topics this time of year is where to peep fall leaves. Give readers a list of where to see beautiful leaves in your area, whether by hike, mountain drive, or secret look-out. 

5. Why we love fall in (your area)

Take some time to brag about your real estate market or community in a blog post full of things you love in the fall. Is it the great weather, local events, wildlife, parks, and open spaces? 

Share five to ten things that make your city or listing area shine. This post may attract a new audience or encourage buyers to come your way. If you need help with ideas, check your local government’s website for events and places to explore.

6. Fall cleaning and maintenance checklist 

Move over spring cleaning—it’s time to get your house in shape before the holidays! Create a fall cleaning and maintenance checklist to help homeowners and renters spruce up their homes for the season. 

Make the checklist downloadable and stylish to encourage readers to print and share it. Visit Pinterest for inspiration on how to design a checklist or popular cleaning ideas. 

How Virtuance can help your blog

Don’t forget that beautiful photos add a lot to a blog post. It’s great to have a stock folder of images you can use for online content, and Virtuance can help.

Virtuance offers professional real estate photography for your listings, giving you consistent content you can use over and over. Take advantage of the gorgeous fall leaves and landscape, and let us take aerial photos for you. 

And if you’re looking to promote all things fall on your blog or social media, check out our free fall and Halloween templates!