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Auditing Your Social Media Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide

By Staff Writer Last Updated March 8, 2024 2 min read

In today’s digital age, any successful real estate marketing strategy centers around using social media. However, simply having a presence on social media is not enough for real estate agents. To maximize the impact of your efforts, you need to audit and refine your social media strategy regularly. In this article, we will guide you through auditing your social media strategy and highlight the key platforms to focus on.


As the largest social media platform with over 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is an essential platform for real estate agents. When auditing your Facebook strategy, assess the following aspects:

Profile and Page Optimization: Ensure that your profile and page are complete, including contact information, a compelling bio, and high-quality images.

Content Strategy: Review the type and frequency of your posts. Is your content engaging, informative, and visually appealing? Are you utilizing features like live videos or Facebook Stories?

Audience Engagement: Evaluate how well you are engaging with your audience through comments, likes, and shares. Respond promptly to inquiries and comments to build relationships.


Instagram is a visually-driven platform that allows real estate agents to showcase properties and curate a visually appealing brand image. Consider the following when auditing your Instagram strategy:

Profile Optimization: Optimize your profile with a clear bio, contact details, and a link to your website or property listing page.

Visual Aesthetics: Review the quality and consistency of your posts. Use high-quality photos, consider utilizing videos or carousel posts, and maintain a cohesive aesthetic.

Hashtag Strategy: Assess the effectiveness of your hashtag strategy. Are you using relevant and strategic hashtags that reach your target audience? Experiment with different hashtags to expand your reach.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that can help real estate agents connect with industry professionals, potential clients, and investors. When evaluating your LinkedIn strategy, focus on:

Profile Optimization: Ensure your LinkedIn profile is complete, including a professional headshot, compelling summary, and optimized keywords related to your real estate niche.

Thought Leadership: Review your content strategy on LinkedIn. Are you sharing insightful industry articles, thought leadership posts and engaging with other professionals in the field?

Networking: Assess your connections and the quality of your network. Reach out to potential clients, collaborate with industry experts, and participate in relevant groups and discussions.


Video content has become increasingly popular, and YouTube provides an excellent platform for real estate agents to showcase properties, offer virtual tours, and share informative videos. Consider the following when auditing your YouTube strategy:

Content Quality: Review the quality and production value of your videos. Are they engaging, informative, and visually appealing? Consider investing in professional video equipment or working with a videographer.

Channel Optimization: Optimize your channel with a compelling description, keyword-rich titles, and tags. Also, organize your videos into playlists for easy navigation.

Engagement and Analytics: Assess the level of engagement your videos receive, including views, likes, comments, and shares. Monitor YouTube’s analytics to identify trends and user behavior.

Regularly auditing your social media strategy is vital to ensure that you are effectively leveraging these platforms to reach your target audience, generate leads, and build relationships. By auditing and refining your presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, you can stay ahead of the competition and maximize the impact of your social media efforts. Remember to assess profile optimization, content strategy, audience engagement, and analytics on each platform to improve your social media presence and drive business growth continually.