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Benefits of Virtual Staging in Austin, TX

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated January 26, 2022 3 min read

Technology is a beautiful thing. Even five years ago, some of today’s technology that we take for granted would have been considered science fiction. This means we can sometimes forget how truly revolutionary digital technology is. The internet has completely revolutionized the real estate industry in so many ways. 

Virtual staging services let potential buyers and renters explore a property without ever setting foot on the premises. 

We’re going to take a look at some of the advantages of virtual staging to give you some ideas of why you should consider digitally staging a home in Austin, Texas. Not every listing in Austin needs virtual home staging, but there are a few circumstances where your prospective buyers may benefit from virtual furniture rather than traditional staging.

1. Virtual Staging Is Affordable

If we’re going to discuss the advantages of virtual staging, we might as well start with the obvious. Sure, showcasing your technical savvy and broadening your reach beyond physical staging is undoubtedly a plus. But when it comes down to it, it’s all about the money. 

Virtual staging can decrease the cost of staging a home by a staggering 97%! This statistic alone may be enough to have you reaching for your phone to contact every real estate photographer you know to get your property listed online as quickly as possible. 

Saving money is always one of the most critical aspects of doing business, but it doesn’t have to be solely about watching the bottom line. Reducing the expenses of staging a home means you can invest any funds for furniture rentals in other parts of your business.

This way, you can focus on building your business and delivering good deals and exceptional service for your customers. 

2. Offers Control Over The Property

When attempting to sell a property to out-of-towners, it can be challenging to show what vacant properties can look like with furniture in them. In the case of selling condos or apartments, it’s not reasonably practical to hire a professional stager. 

Or, you may have a client with some interesting design choices. This can raise challenges if you’re trying to make the home look appealing and attractive. Yes, you can always spruce up the place before showing it to potential buyers. It’s simply not practical to try and keep it pristine and perfect, however. It’s also not practical to use professional stagers if your clients still live on the property.

Virtual staging means you can capture the property at its most beautiful. You can find the perfect lighting to capture the space’s unique charms. These are the images that you can use to represent the home for all time. 

virtual staging real estate photography austin tx
If you’re trying to sell a vacant property to an out-of-towner, it can be difficult to showcase the house’s features without furniture.

3. Always Open

One of the best things about doing business over the internet in any capacity is that it never closes. Think of a store that never closes for a straightforward illustration of the potential this raises. 

This is even more significant when selling real estate, though. The windows for viewing are notoriously slim and hard to pin down, for one thing. Many choose an open house-style approach to try and make the most of these windows. 

Open houses are often a lose-lose for all parties involved, though. For example, potential buyers may feel that they’re not getting enough attention. They may get discouraged if they think competition is too fierce for another. 

Using virtual staging software lets you give your undivided attention to every single potential customer you come across. This is better for the customer, the property, and your profit margins! 

4. Extends Your Reach

The fourth and final benefit of virtual staging we’ll mention is beneficial for all parties involved. Virtual staging lets you reach a much wider audience for the seller than if you were restricted to your local area. 

For potential buyers, virtual staging can be far more convenient than having to visit a property in person. Consider someone moving from out of state to Austin, Tx, for example. Perhaps they’re relocating for a tech job, or maybe they want to take advantage of the vibrant local culture in Austin. 

However, traveling from out of state makes the process much more expensive. It also makes it more time-consuming, further narrowing your potential audience. Virtual staging a property eliminates all of that in one easy step. 

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