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14 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated June 3, 2022 3 min read

The real estate industry is fast-moving and technology-oriented. You might be left behind if you aren’t using applications and real estate tools to help run your real estate business. 

Today, several hundred business-focused real estate apps are available, making it difficult to know which ones to add to your toolkit. Great real estate apps help with social media posting, graphic design, document sharing, e-signatures, CRM management, and time management.

Speaking of time management, we found the 14 best apps for real estate agents for you. Most offer a free trial, so spend some time this weekend building your real estate toolkit with the apps below: 


Trello is a project management tool for individuals and teams. The interface offers several ways to view projects, including on cards, in a calendar, or through a timeline. Most of the administrative duties like moving tasks can be automated, which saves you time. The user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing platform integrates with other top apps, including Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive.  

Pricing: Free-$17.50/user/month
Free trial available 
Best for: Time-blocking and project organization 


DocuSign is essential for real estate agents. This electronic signature platform allows you to send and receive documents from anywhere. With listing inventory limited, real estate agents must put offers in quickly. DocuSign helps a real estate agent send and receive signed offers and forms at lightning speed. 

Pricing: $10-40/month
Free trial available
Best for: Easy online document managing and signing with prospective clients, current clients, and colleagues’ clients 


Close is a comprehensive CRM tool for real estate agents who like keeping all their tasks on one platform. This CRM application helps agents convert leads with streamlined communications and opportunity reporting. 

Pricing: $29-149 per month
Free 14-day trial available
Best for: Outreach, lead nurturing potential clients, and revenue generation 


Connecteam can help a real estate business manage their internal teams. Real estate brokerages and teams use Connecteam to train employees, track productivity, and collaborate on projects. 

Pricing: Free-$159+ per month
Free 14-day trial available
Best for: Overall real estate organization, productivity for teams, and collaboration


Canva makes anyone a graphic designer. A real estate agent may use Canva to create branded marketing materials like a new business card or brochures, for example. You can also create social media graphics using Canva’s libraries of free templates, images, and fonts. 

Pricing: Free-$119/year for up to 5 people
Free 30-day trial available
Best for: Designing marketing materials using templates, fonts, and free elements 


Later is a robust social media planning and scheduling platform. The interface lets users see their drafted posts in a weekly calendar view, which improves marketing strategy and branding. Later predicts the best posting schedule for your real estate business and provides analytics to help you improve over time. They also offer helpful resources and blog articles about social media best practices.

Pricing: Free-$80/month
Free 14-day trial available
Best for: Scheduling social media posts 


Animoto is the quickest way to make stunning videos fast. Their video-making platform is extremely user-friendly with drag-and-drop tools and an extensive music library. A real estate agent can upload their listing images to create beautiful video slideshows to market their brand or promote a new listing. 

Pricing: Free-$39/month
Best for: Creating professional-looking videos using images and video clips 

Virtuance Marketing Suite

The Virtuance Marketing Suite allows real estate agents to create stunning single listing websites for their properties. Additionally, agents can easily manage and download their real estate images on the Marketing Suite. This platform helps agents generate leads, optimize their SEO, and track/share site traffic statistics. 

Pricing: Free with any HDReal® image package
Best for: Listing website creation, marketing management, social media sharing


Grammarly helps businesses and individual improve their writing in real-time. You can draft and edit your writing within Grammarly’s web browser application. You can also add the app as a web extension for on-the-go grammar tips. The cool thing about Grammarly is that it helps you improve your writing over time. The more you use it, the more proficient a writer you become. 

Use Grammarly when writing listing descriptions, social posts, and more. 

Pricing: Free-$15/member/month
Best for: Editing and improving written content, including listing descriptions, emails, and social media posts

Curb Hero

Curb Hero helps agents navigate open houses with ease. The application allows visitors to quickly sign in at an open house using a tablet instead of pen to paper. 

Pricing: Free
Best for: Open house lead generation using digital sign-ins 

Open Home Pro

Like Curb Hero, Open House Pro helps users have a more organized open house experience. In addition to a digital sign-in portal, Open House Pro automatically sends a follow-up email to attendees for you. 

Pricing: Free-$20/month
30 day money-back guarantee
Best for: Maximizing open houses with email follow-up and social sharing 

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent is Zillow’s free real estate app for managing Zillow listings. A real estate agent can view their listings, review online listing traffic, and import new leads within the app. You can also quickly edit listings from your Apple or Android device. 

Pricing: Free
Best for: Managing Zillow listings and importing new leads


Dropbox is a web platform where users can store, share, and collaborate on essential files and documents. With Dropbox, sharing files is as easy as sending a link. 

Pricing: Around $10-17/month to $24/user/month 
Free trial available
Best for: Sharing digital files with colleagues, clients, and potential buyers and sellers


Dotloop is an all-in-one real estate management application. A real estate agent can use Dotloop to store and send files, collect signatures, collaborate on paperwork, etc. 

Pricing: Free-$32/month+
Best for: Transaction management for agents and brokerages