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Blog Post Ideas to Target House Flippers

By Lauren Vaccaro Last Updated September 30, 2022 3 min read

Nationally, house flipping rates have been on the rise in 2021 and 2022. A house flipper’s job is to remodel a fixer-upper and sell it for a profit. With an arsenal of home repair resources, they can do so at a lower cost than the average homebuyer, playing an important role in the real estate market.

With this business taking up approximately 10% of homes sold at the beginning of 2022, house flippers are excellent clients to have. If you want to increase your house-flipping clientele, your website’s blog is a great place to start. We’ve put together ten blog post ideas to attract new clients with helpful information and shareable resources.

Blog post ideas

 1.   Top selling neighborhoods in your city 

Flippers may not live where they work, meaning they have much to learn about the area. List out the top-selling neighborhoods in your city or market, including details about each one. 

For example, you may share the HOA information, nearby schools and parks, and proximity to shopping. Anyone looking to sell a home needs the essential information buyers will be looking for, and your expertise in the area will be welcome.

Remember, a house flipper’s goal is always to make a profit, so be sure to share what neighborhoods are highly-coveted, trending, and selling well!

2.   Up-and-coming neighborhoods 

This idea is similar to the first but should highlight neighborhoods that are on the rise. Neighborhoods popular with young millennials and first-time home buyers are great examples. House flippers often look for this kind of promising neighborhood that needs a little TLC.

3.   Property tax breakdown in your area 

Property tax matters because it is ultimately part of the buyer’s mortgage. Flipped houses in higher-taxed neighborhoods may not sell as quickly. 

For example, Colorado has metropolitan district taxes, which vary depending on the development. Educating flippers on the lower-taxed areas may increase their profit in the end, and they will be grateful for the information. It’s also helpful to include links to government websites with more details.

4.   Local events and happenings 

What makes the area and community that you serve special? Create a blog post sharing local concerts, farmer’s markets, kid’s events, and festivals. Flippers are looking for homes where people want to live, work, and play!

5.   Helpful contact information for permitting 

When it comes to remodeling a home, permits are almost always involved. Nothing in government goes quickly, and finding the right person to talk to can be challenging when you’re new to the area. Providing helpful tips and contacts for permits in your city will show flippers you are in the know and care about doing business the right way. 

6.   Parks and trails to enjoy nearby 

People of all ages often look for outdoor recreation when purchasing a home. Create a blog post about popular parks and trails in your community. Consider different buyers and list family-friendly parks, bike-friendly trails, paved trails with easy access, etc. 

House flippers look for fixer-uppers near these kinds of amenities as they will attract buyers.

7.   Growth statistics and community demographics 

It’s easy to sell a house in a flourishing community. If great things are happening in your area, share them. Highlight a few statistics, including how many homes have been sold in your area and the buyers. House flippers are often for popular, growing areas that won’t be a hard sell. 

8.   Favorite features of flipped homes 

What makes your buyers “ooh” and “ahh”? As a real estate agent, you are savvy about housing trends and spend your days trying to wow buyers. House flippers have the same goal.

Write a blog post sharing what buyers have loved in flipped homes you have shown or sold. Was it the white kitchen, decorative backsplash, accent wall, or unique light fixtures? Give flippers your inside scoop on great selling features in flipped homes.

9.   Median home price in your area 

Another important statistic to share is the comps in your area. This is key information for flippers who want to make a profit. The market has shifted a lot in the last few months, so take time to share your thoughts, trends you have noticed, and what homes are realistically selling for.

10.  Flipped homes you have sold

Okay, now’s your chance to brag a little bit. Create a post of flipped homes that you have sold. Be sure to include lots of pictures. Flippers will love to see your portfolio and what other flippers have created in your area for inspiration.

How Virtuance can help your blog posts shine

With a variety of blog posts, you are sure to gain the attention of house flippers. Each of these posts is designed to show you as an expert and a great resource in the buying and selling market. Now, it’s time to get creative and show why you are the right real estate agent for the job!

If you’d like to take your blog posts to the next level, use Virtuance. Virtuance offers professional real estate photography services to take your listings to the next level. By including professional real estate photos in your blog, you’re more likely to attract your ideal clientele and sell your next listing fast.