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7 Broker Open House Ideas

By Carolyn Vento Last Updated March 29, 2023 3 min read

A broker’s open or open house is exclusively for real estate professionals to determine if a home matches their clients’ needs.

Unlike a traditional open house that any potential buyer can attend, a broker’s open is usually held on a weekday when real estate professionals have more availability. Creative and well-planned broker open house ideas will generate demand for the home and get you more leads to sell your listings faster. 

Why hold a broker’s open?

A broker’s open is a way to sell your properties that will establish you as a trusted real estate agent in your neighborhood. 

You can also gain insight about your listing from the other agents who attend your event, expanding your networking connections.

7 broker open house ideas

To stand out in your market, try some trending ideas for open houses. Think of ways to engage your audience to ensure the event is well-attended.

Here are seven broker’s open ideas that will get your whole professional community talking!

1. Offer lunch

Entice your professional network to attend your open house by offering lunch. These agents will be relieved to know they can grab a bite while stopping into your midday event. 

Take the idea a step further by teaming up with a local restaurant. If you provide their food at your event, you’ll both expand your sphere of influence. This act also shows your dedication to the community.

2. Make it a networking event

Invite brokers to the event who have recently sold similar properties. They’ll most likely know potential buyers looking for a home like the one you are selling.

To help the agents mingle, play background music and offer drinks and light snacks to set the mood. You can also provide name tags to keep the introductions flowing.

3. Make it themed

You can showcase your creativity with themed open house ideas

Decorating for holidays or seasons will make your peers feel welcome and comfortable. For example, you can add fresh flowers around the home during spring or serve lemonade in the summer. 

Your guests will be able to picture what living in the home would be like year-round, and they can relay the information to potential buyers.

4. Live stream it

To reach a wider audience, you can offer a virtual option for your open house. Live streaming the event helps agents with less availability or who live further away to participate.

You can have an assistant focus on the virtual component while you talk to your in-person guests and switch as needed.

5. Include opportunities for content

Agents proudly post about events they attend to show they are involved in their community. 

Consider having a photo booth or a large photo frame at your broker’s open, and people will participate, share laughs, and post their pictures on social media, which is free advertising for you.

You can even put a sign with a specific hashtag for them to include in their posts about the event.

6. Promote it online

To get more professionals to attend, be sure to post about your open house online. You can use your website, emails, and various social media platforms.

Try posting about it on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to gain momentum. 

7. Distribute swag

Give your guests something to take home that helps to remember you after the event. 

It helps to distribute swag with your contact info, such as pens or keychains. The agents who receive these items at your open house can easily pass them along to potential buyers that they know.

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