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What to Do to Convert More Listing Appointments

By Carolyn Vento Last Updated October 6, 2022 3 min read

You’ve got a lead! But before you enjoy the sweet smell of success, there are several steps you must take to convert your leads to listing appointments to signed clients. 

While it seems simple, it takes time to convert leads to signed clients. Going into a listing appointment doesn’t always mean you’ll walk out with a listing. If you’re looking to increase your conversion rate, we’ve put together all you need to know about appointment conversions by creating a  thorough plan that places your clients’ needs first.

What is appointment conversion? 

Once you connect with a potential customer, you’ll want this person to remain interested and schedule a meeting to discuss a listing. This act of a lead booking a listing appointment is known as appointment conversion

What should you do to get more listing appointments?

The more listing appointments you book, the more potential for you to gain customers and increase revenue. You should craft an individualized, adaptable plan that works for you. Here are some ideas for getting more listing appointments:

Have a marketing plan

Real estate is a competitive business, so it is crucial that you are prepared to secure listings with customers. Be sure to compile marketing materials to bring to your listing appointment that you believe will persuade your potential customers to book their listings with you. The materials can include an appointment agenda, a tablet or notebook, printed marketing materials, and more.

Listing presentation

An eye-catching listing presentation should also be a priority for a listing appointment. Many people are visual learners, so they benefit from a visual overview. You can include information about past listings and showcase any real estate photography you’ve used.

Ask questions 

Listen carefully to the needs of customers, and ask open-ended questions to give them the opportunity to voice any concerns. 

You’re more likely to gain clients if you show them that you value their thoughts and are genuinely interested in personalizing the experience for them.

Use testimonials

To gain trust and establish your credibility as a real estate agent, use testimonials from previous clients. Your experience will shine through as you speak about past successes.

Follow up

Keep potential customers engaged by following up with them through email and phone calls. You can even consider sending a quick video thank you message to help you stand out from other agents. 

Once they have booked listings with you, stay in touch throughout the process. Check that your clients are happy with the listings, the associated photos, and the way you plan to show the properties to potential buyers.

Keep count with a conversion rate

In order to improve your conversions, be aware of your actual conversion rate

You can do this by simply keeping track of your successes, compared to your missed opportunities. Stay aware of any changes in the rate as you try new tactics.

How Virtuance can help convert your listing appointments 

With Virtuance, powered by HDReal®, you will be provided with clear, eye-catching real estate photography to help improve your brand. You can show these images to potential customers through your website, social media, email, or during listing appointment presentations. 

Our team of experts knows just the right angles and time of day to take the best photos of your property. Their experience allows them to take photos of your property fast, saving you time and energy, and giving you the ability to list your properties sooner.


Always ask questions to ensure your client feels heard.

See if they have any questions about your presentation or the property. Find out their time frame and price expectations. If they choose you for their listing, ask them for a referral to gain more credibility.

The amount of appointments needed to get a listing depends on experience, location, and more. Research has shown that new agents typically convert less than 50% of their listing appointments.

Having a detailed listing appointment strategy can ensure you always come out on top for listings, even if you’re a new agent.