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How to Get Started Using Display Ads for Real Estate

By Michael Yates Last Updated March 31, 2020 2 min read

You’ve won the listing and invested in professional photography. Now it’s time to let the world know about your awesome property!

Display ads, when executed correctly, can be a great way to attract more buyers to your listing.

What Are Display Ads?

Display ads are pay-per-click, graphic-based advertisements that are shown on websites.

You can design display ads yourself in Google Ads, or you can invest in a third-party ad solution like Adwerx.

create your own ad using Adwerx

Why You Should Use It

They’re targetable

The best part of display ads is that you can control where your ads are shown and who actually sees them!

For example, you could have your ads shown only on real estate sites or to people who’ve visited sites that indicate they might be in the market to buy a home!

They’re measurable

You’re able to see how many clicks your ads generated with ease and how much you paid for them.

If you want to get more technical, you can actually see which leads you received thanks to your ad!

They’re cost-effective

You have the ability to change your budgets and bids with a simple click of the button. Not getting good ROI on your ads? Simply stop them – no questions asked!

They’re testable

You can create multiple ads with different images and copy to see which ones are the most effective!

For example, you could run one ad that shows an exterior image and another that shows a kitchen. This a-b testing technique allows you to see which ad is more engaging.

How to Get Started

The best way to begin using display ads is to set up a Google Ads account. Their system makes it easy for beginners and advanced users to begin running ads in just a few clicks.

Here’s a video to get you started!