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Does Direct Mail Marketing for Real Estate Still Work?

By Gretchen Gales Last Updated November 23, 2022 3 min read

Direct mail marketing for real estate is a classic snail mail method of connecting with potential leads. Too often, direct mail campaigns end up in the trash. The key to a great direct mail campaign is building a strategy.

We’ll show you whether or not real estate mail marketing is worth your time and how you can strengthen your chances of connecting with leads

What is direct mail marketing for real estate?

Real estate direct mail marketing means sending mail directly to a prospective client’s mailbox. These can be postcards, letters, or other forms of communication that need postage and a physical address. 

Does direct mail marketing work?

When used correctly, direct mail marketing can be highly effective. Often, real estate agents will try and target every address that exists. Instead, they should identify a specific niche that other agents in the area don’t dominate. 

Why should real estate professionals use direct mail marketing?

Sending mail directly to your target audience—including current and could-be homeowners—can make a huge difference in your success. 

Even if the majority of the mail you send doesn’t lead to real estate clients, you really only need a few to follow up to create a connection and a future closing with a potentially great commission. 

Tips for a successful direct mail marketing campaign

Before mailing out postcards and other media to anyone and everyone you can think of—save time and money by narrowing your focus and following these tips. You can thank us later. 

1. Know your audience

First, figure out your target audience. Are they buying or selling? Do they live in high-income, luxury neighborhoods or rural areas? You may want to be even more specific and target absentee owners or those who have inherited property that has become burdensome to them. 

Then, target their pain points. What problem(s) can you solve for them? Include your stats and how successful you’ve been for clients in the past. 

2. Plan

Know whether you want to generate leads, build your brand, or establish yourself as a real estate expert. That way, you know the wording and designs to use on your mail before printing and sending. 

For example, if you are targeting homeowners who have inherited property and also have a primary residence, mention your ability to relieve the burden of multiple properties or provide content on how to maintain two properties at once (with an option to call or text with questions). 

Find or build a list of addresses in advance. You don’t want to put a lot of labor into a campaign that reaches a small audience! 

3. Be urgent

Despite our best intentions, people often forget to take action on something they’ve been “meaning” to look into. (Remember when you said you’d go back and take piano lessons? How is that going?)

Instead, generate serious FOMO (fear of missing out) with a sense of urgency and scarcity. Think lines like, “Call now! Only X amount left!” or “We have the cash ready—call ASAP!”

4. Stay consistent

One letter or postcard probably isn’t enough to establish a presence. But when you make a long-term plan, consistency is key. You’re not someone who is one and done. You want to make yourself known as a reliable agent for your audience to count on. 

Consistency also applies to the design of your real estate direct mail marketing. Don’t use one color scheme and picture in one piece of mail only to completely revamp it later. 

The exception would be if you got horrible feedback on your first round of mail, but typically, establishing a brand means sticking to particular images and messaging.  

5. Follow up 

Sure, there’s a big chance that someone threw away your first (or several) messages, but many assume that mail is spam. Following up can help establish connections with those who may not have thought your messages were legitimate. Yes, you are a real person with a real business!

It also shows tenacity and commitment to your business. However, this does not mean you need to badger anyone constantly. A few gentle reminders will do. 

Consider using automation tools to take one more thing off of your list. They can be used to send follow-ups regularly.

Virtuance helps you target your next clients

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Direct mail marketing is effective because many people have abandoned it, leaving room for real estate agents to target specific people for their campaigns. It can also be personalized or urgent to attract immediate attention and avoid the recycling bin.

Direct mail marketing should be used as one of a real estate agent’s strategies. When used with email marketing, cold calling, and other methods, it can strengthen a marketing campaign.