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5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated December 19, 2022 3 min read

Buyer leads can transform a rookie agent into the buyer’s agent everyone wants to hire. To become a successful buyer’s agent, you must know how to find, generate, and convert promising buyer leads. 

Lead generation is a numbers game. The more leads you generate, the more leads you’re bound to convert. That said, it’s vital to attract valuable buyer leads, though. 

Many real estate agents use lead generation software platforms to generate leads passively. While this marketing strategy works OK for most, it can create unnecessary work for you if the contacts aren’t qualified or even actual home buyers.  

Instead of paying a company to find potential clients for you, learn how to get buyer leads on your own. That way, you know which leads offer the greatest potential to convert. 

Before we cover the five best ways to generate buyer leads in real estate, we need to understand why they are essential for your business.

What are buyer leads?

A buyer lead is a person interested in purchasing a property. They can range from first-time home buyers to seasoned buyers to investors. 

Why buyer leads are important in real estate

Most real estate agents begin their profession on the buying side. Representing the home buyer is a fantastic way to improve your real estate skills and stay brushed up on the homebuying process. Additionally, buyer leads help build your client base and expand your sphere of influence

Being a buyer’s agent isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of work, patience, and flexibility. However, helping a home buyer purchase their next home is worth the labor. Often, you have a client for life as they build equity, sell their home, and upsize over the years. 

5 ways to generate buyer leads

Offer gated content

Gated content is any helpful resource you provide through a lead form. The gated content strategy is an impactful way to generate specific leads while providing valuable materials in return. 

Some examples of gated content include: 

  • A homebuying process guide
  • New homeowner resources
  • Homebuying webinars
  • Real estate market forecasts

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are small communities within Facebook for users to discuss topics, share media, and buy/sell products and services. While there are over 10 million active Facebook Groups, finding one fit for generating buyer leads is easy.  

Spend time searching for local real estate, rental, and investment groups on Facebook. After you join, browse the posts and comments for users who seem ready to buy. If the group rules allow, engage with those users. 

Additionally, make your presence known in the groups you join. Stay active with posts, helpful comments, and engagement via reactions/likes. Over time, you can become the community real estate expert that other group members rely on for advice. 

Host a homebuying class 

Host a homebuying class if you want to solidify yourself as a local real estate expert. Most first-time buyers have yet to learn how the homebuying process works. Hosting a homebuying class is a strategic way to meet potential clients, generate high-converting leads, and build brand awareness. 

Where should you host your homebuying class? Apartment complexes often allow real estate agents to throw events for renters in their lobby’s lounge. It may seem counterintuitive for landlords to want their tenants out, but this enables them to find new tenants who’ll lease at a higher rate.

You can also host homebuying classes at the public library, your brokerage, or virtually. Always have a sign-in sheet available to capture new buyer leads. 

Sponsor a community event

If you farm in a very active area, consider sponsoring a community event. Being an event sponsor is a fantastic way to build brand awareness, network with locals, and generate new leads. Often, the event sponsor receives the attendee list and their contact information

Explore your sphere

If you ever feel like you’re at a standstill, consider tapping into your sphere. Your sphere of influence includes your friends, family, colleagues, and industry partners. Those very important people may know someone looking to buy, so stay connected and reach out often!

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