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How to Get More Localized Citations

By Lauren Vaccaro Last Updated October 12, 2022 3 min read

It’s clear that word of mouth is a popular and proven way to generate new clients in the real estate industry. When your client shares a positive experience with a friend or family member, your business becomes a reputable option from a trustworthy source. Similarly, the more your business receives mentions online, the more people you reach, which helps your client list grow. Don’t neglect digital word of mouth – make local citations part of your real estate marketing strategy.

What are Local Citations for Real Estate?

Local Citations is an SEO (search engine optimization) term for any online mention of your business. The citation can be the business name, address, or phone number, and it can appear on any website. You can find citations on local business directories, social media sites, review pages, and agent websites. Citations don’t have to contain links, but they might.  

Why are Local Citations Beneficial for Real Estate Agents?

If you’re adding another tool to your online marketing strategy, it’s essential to know how it will benefit you. When it comes to SEO, it’s all about improving your visibility on search engines. The higher you rank on a search engine, the more people see your website on the first or second page. Increasing your local citations is one way to be seen because it improves search rankings.

The most beneficial citation includes your business name and contact information. Known as a NAP Citation, which stands for name, address, and phone number. Ideally, you want people to be able to reach you quickly, without an additional search.

Ways to Get Local Citations

Not sure where to start? Google offers a free profile for business owners called Google My Business (GMB). You can create a profile on GMB with company information, photos, online reviews, and posts. 

An optimized Google My Business page helps potential clients quickly find your company and real estate listings when searching locally on Google. 

Next, look for local business directories and websites, such as Zillow, that offer local search options. The goal is to submit your information to as many places as possible and improve search rankings. Some citations will happen on their own through positive reviews and conversations.  

Finally, visit your local government’s website to see if they have a business directory. Many municipalities strive to support local businesses. You can consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce, which is a positive and community-driven way to get your business mentioned.

Ensure Your Citations are Consistent

It is imperative to take your time when entering citations. Take time to edit, and re-check your citations before submitting them. Or, if you find an incorrect citation of your business, reach out to the website to correct it.

Pro tip – keep a spreadsheet of your citations to check back periodically and ensure all information is correct. When you submit a new citation online, add it to the spreadsheet. Search your business name often to see what’s new!

How to Find a Citation Building Service

Looking for help to get more local citations? Try a citation building service like Carrot, Upwork, or Brightlocal. Websites like these can help you build your citations for a fee.

It would be best to research a few options before selecting which service you’ll use. Some services offer a cleanup tool to help you remove duplicates and check for accuracy. A good service will show you a report of your current citations and give you ownership of any listing they create for you. Additionally, make sure your chosen service helps you get specialized real estate listings. 

Whether you hire SEO help or make citations part of your routine, improving your local search visibility will impact your business long term.