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How to Use Google Slides: Social Media Listing Templates

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated October 9, 2020 2 min read

Real estate agents can create eye-catching digital listing flyers, just sold announcements, open house graphics and more for social media using Google Slides!

Google Slides is a presentation creation tool similar to PowerPoint. It’s free to use and pretty user-friendly once you understand the basics.

Before jumping in to creating your own real estate digital flyer, we are going to walk you through the steps of downloading and editing our social media listing templates.

 Click to download the templates. 

After you download your free social media listing templates by clicking the button above, you’ll receive an email with the templates. 

You will want to edit the templates in Google Slides. 

How to edit your social media listing templates: 

  1. Select “Open with”, and “Google Slides” 
Google Slides Open With

2. Google Slides will open the Digital Listing Templates

3. Make an editable version by selecting: 
File > Make a copy > Entire presentation

4. Rename your editable copy of the templates and select ok

5. Your new copy of the Digital Listing Flyers will open – you can now edit and create your own templates! 

6. The digital listing flyer below is an example of one of the 5 listing flyer templates you can edit. 

SOcial Media Listing Templates

7. To edit the template above on your Google Slides presentation: 
   Change the text to describe your listing
   Right click on the images and select: 
        Replace image > Upload from computer

digital listing flyer replace image

How to save your social media digital listing flyer: 

Once you create your social media listing flyer from one of the 5 templates, you can save it as a single image. 

  1. Stay on the slide you want to save
  2. Select File > Download > PNG image (current slide)

And that’s how you edit and save your own Social Media Listing Flyers for real estate. Stay tuned to learn how to create a digital listing flyer from scratch.