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How to Handle Buyer Objections in Real Estate

By Alexandra Carver Last Updated October 31, 2022 4 min read

Objections and resistance from potential clients are all in a day’s work for real estate agents. While it can be challenging to deal with these situations, focusing on getting your leads to commit to continuing a conversation can secure you a win.

How can you navigate these objections and challenging conversations with ease? Read on to learn why it’s crucial to handle buyer objections, and check out our four scripts to help you deal with common objections in real estate.

What are buyer objections in real estate?

Real estate objections have the potential to feel personal, we know—but buyer objections often stem from a person’s desire to avoid being sold to. If a person’s brain is filled with real estate decisions or options, they’re likely grappling with where to start.

We’ve all wanted to gather our thoughts before making any commitments, so understanding where a potential lead is coming from with their objection is key to overcoming it!

Why is it important to handle buyer objections?

How you handle buyer objections can make or break the potential for converting leads.

Keep in mind that your role isn’t to score a win or convince a person of what’s best for them. Instead, work on meeting your lead’s needs and using your conversation to address how you can meet those needs.

Objection handling scripts

Looking for some ideas and scripts on how to handle the most common real estate objections? We have different real-life scenarios that will get you brainstorming and prepared for whatever comes your way!

We are just looking right now

Lead: I’m just looking right now, but thanks anyway.

Agent: Glad to hear it—it’s smart to look at all your options before committing! Can I ask what made you decide to start looking?

Lead: We’re considering moving in the next year or two.

Agent: What’s prompting this potential move for your family?

Lead: We’ve got another little one on the way, and we’re debating whether we need more space for everyone.

Agent: Congratulations! Is there any information I can help you gather to make the decision easier? Things change quickly within the market, and I want to ensure you’re up to date with the latest resources.

Lead: Sure, we’re looking for something with four bedrooms and at least three bathrooms—500 thousand max.

Agent: That is certainly doable. I’ll send some information your way then, and if you have any questions, please reach out. What’s the best email address for you?

We’d have to sell our house first

Lead: We’d have to sell our house before we can buy, but thanks anyway.

Agent: That’s very common. Have you met with a lender to confirm this?

Lead: No, not yet.

Agent: Could I put you in touch with my most trusted lender? They can advise you on whether you qualify to buy before selling.

Lead: That would be helpful.

Agent: Would it also help to know your current home worth while you’re looking around?

Lead: Yes. Knowing what we are working with and how much house we can afford would be good.

Agent: I agree with that! What’s the best way to get in touch with you—email or phone?

I have bad credit right now, so I’m not in a position to buy

Lead: Unfortunately, my credit isn’t up to par. I’m afraid I’m in no position to buy even though I’d like to be.

Agent: Are you open to a lender I trust getting in touch with you? They can help you get any credit issues straightened out so you can get on the path to buying sooner than later!

Lead: I thought I’d have to straighten out my credit on my own, but I’m open to speaking with a lender. 

Agent: Great! Do you prefer to be contacted by phone or via email?

We aren’t ready to work with an agent right now

Lead: We aren’t at the point where we need an agent right now, thanks though.

Agent: I understand. May I ask how you’re planning to find your next home?

Lead: We figured we would just drive around our community and see what’s available.

Agent: Would it help you and make things easier during this process if you could go through all the homes that meet your criteria virtually? Once you find something you’re interested in, you can contact me to schedule a showing at your convenience.

Lead: Okay, that works. I’m open to letting you know when we find a property we’d like to see more in person. 

Agent: Great! What’s the best way to get in touch with you to learn more about your wants and needs?

How to elevate your property listings to overcome objections

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Understand where the objection is coming from and why. Remember—most people are looking to avoid being sold to.

If you can get past this initial resistance by having a conversation that delves into a person’s real estate needs, you’re more likely to position yourself as an ally and aid in the process.

We’ve all heard objections such as “I’m just looking” or “we’re not ready to work with an agent right now,” but don’t let these deter you!

The more you work to convert these objections, the more at ease you’ll be when they continue to come up.