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10 Easy Ways to Make Your Holiday Open House Jolly and Bright

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated December 15, 2023 5 min read

Odds are, you’re probably baking more frequently than usual this month. Take a step back from the oven and make some easy no-bake holiday treats for your open house.

A spread of no-bake desserts is the cherry on top for your festive and fun open house.

With these 10 quick and easy steps, you are well on your way to the most jolly open house of the season!

Bright images for your jolly open house 

Hosting an open house takes preparation, including decluttering the home and professional photography. To make your life easier, consider using Virtuance as your real estate photography service provider to enhance your open house marketing campaign. 

Virtuance’s award-winning listing photography attracts more buyers and sells listings faster than the competition. Consider decorating the listing before your scheduled photoshoot. The Christmas-themed real estate images will increase interest and boost attendance. 

Schedule your Virtuance photoshoot today to help market your upcoming Christmas-themed open house. 


Although the holidays are notoriously slow for real estate, you should still host a Christmas-themed open house. Winter offers numerous motivated buyers and an opportunity to build your lead list for the upcoming year

It is important to connect with people over the holiday season. Express gratitude with cards and gifts. Meet new people by volunteering and partitipctaing in community events. Take time to analyze your past year marketing strategy and develop your new year strategy. 

While Christmas is an exciting holiday for most people, there are some things to avoid when hosting a Christmas-themed open house. Try and remove the homeowner’s personal items, like pictures and stockings with names. Buyers should see  the space as their own, not the seller’s.

Additionally, try and avoid abundantly religious decor. Keeping the decor neutral will appease most attendees.