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How Are Virtual Tours Made?

By Staff Writer Last Updated March 21, 2022 5 min read

According to the National Association of Realtors, 97 percent of home buyers searched for homes online before scheduling an in-person walkthrough. Chances are that many of those online listings featured virtual tours.

Virtual reality isn’t all video games. After all, virtual walkthroughs and 3D tours are essentially the new curb appeal. They’re an opportunity for buyers to make a decision about whether to investigate your property further.

But if you’ve never made a a 3D floor plan or virtual home tour before, you might feel unsure about how to get started. So let’s explore everything you need to know about creating virtual tours!

What Is a Virtual Home Showing?

A virtual home showing can be any media that allows potential buyers to explore for-sale properties remotely. Realtors can use live streaming platforms like Zoom for real-time virtual home showings.

One of the more popular options among both agents and buyers are Zillow 3D Home tours. You can create this using an iPhone, but you can also use professional-grade cameras as well.

These tours allow potential buyers to virtually walk through a for-sale property. This allows a more intimate that standard property photographs can’t achieve.

This type of digital interaction also tends to be more engaging than still images. Buyers can spend several minutes exploring rooms using a virtual tour. Clicking or scrolling through images takes far less time. 

The longer a potential home buyer spends looking at your listing, the more likely they are to make an offer. As such, virtual home tours could be an excellent way to sell more homes, more quickly.

How Do You Make a Virtual Tour?

There are several ways you can create a virtual tour for your real estate listings. The best course of action for you may depend on your available equipment and budget.

After all, virtual tour equipment varies. You could use simple smartphone cameras or complex and expensive specialized cameras. Still, you’ll generally need to follow two simple steps:

  1. Choose a Tour Type
  2. Hire a Professional Photographer

Whether you prefer to create an image-based walkthrough using your smartphone, or a professionally produced 3D tour, these easy-to-follow steps can ensure a solid final product.

Choose a Tour Type

Virtual tours vary in several ways. Some, as we mentioned earlier, can be live-streamed by realtors. But others are pre-recorded videos or smartly edited panorama images.

The first thing you’ll need to decide when creating a virtual home tour is what kind of tour you’d like to produce. Still, some options may be more practical than others.

zillow 3d tours
Image processors take static images and stitch them together to make 3D virtual tours, such as those found on Zillow!

For example, creating a Zillow 3D Home tour might be the easiest and most effective way to attract a prospective buyer. After all, more than seven billion people visited Zillow in 2018, and that number is likely to increase each year.

You don’t even need specialized virtual tour equipment to create one of these walkthroughs. If you have an iPhone or another mobile device, you’re ready to start producing!

That said, hiring a professional photographer does have its benefits. Realtors hoping to get the most from their virtual property tours may want to opt for expert-level assistance. While virtual tour software exists and is fairly easy to use, that’s time out of your already busy day. Did you know

Hire a Professional Photographer

You might be able to self-produce a decent virtual tour. But it’s almost always better to invest in a professional photography session.

That’s because professional real estate photographers know how to make any property look its best. They’ll also have access to high-quality equipment to produce stellar images and videos, including panoramic photos.

After your photography session, you’ll be able to work with the photographer to select the best possible photos to include on your listing. You might also be able to request special types of photos, such as aerial drone images.

Of course, you could also try Virtuance HDReal. It’s an AI-based service that’s designed to optimize your listing’s media and attract more buyers. When you order a 3D tour from us, our experienced imaged processors stitch static images together to create a virtual tour. 

Benefits of Virtual Tours

Investing in a professional virtual home tour could be the best decision you make about your real estate marketing strategy this year. After all, image-based advertising has never been more relevant or effective.

With the rise of the delta variant and the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person showings may not always be possible for you or a potential buyer. A virtual tour could help you attract more buyers, establish trust with those buyers, and sell your properties at more competitive prices. Let’s take a moment to discuss how a virtual tour could help you accomplish these goals.

Professional Photos Attract Buyers

Professional real estate photographs and videos are a great tool for attracting buyers. After all, most home buyers are browsing online, not driving door-to-door. Without any images, a listing is pretty bare.

But listings that feature plenty of high-quality images can keep potential buyers engaged and interested. And the more photos you’ve uploaded, the more content buyers can explore and enjoy.

Earn More Money With Virtual 3D Tours

Because home listings that feature virtual 3D tours are more likely to attract buyers, you may find your properties selling faster than ever before after investing in virtual tours and walkthroughs.

how do virtual tours work
Professionally produced 3D tours don’t have to break the bank. Purchase a Virtuance tour package for your next listing!

This means more money in your pocket and a trustworthy reputation that can carry you far within the real estate industry. Additionally, homes that have 3D tours available may sell for more than those without them.

Remember, the more buyers interested in purchasing your property, the more competitive the offers you’ll receive.

Establish Trust With Potential Buyers

Home buyers aren’t likely to make a move on properties that lack professional-looking photos. The same can be said for homes that don’t have virtual tours or 3D walkthroughs.

That’s because media-less properties simply aren’t trustworthy. For example, unscrupulous sellers may neglect to upload photos or videos of their properties due to significant interior or exterior damage.

But property listings that feature gorgeous photographs and high-quality virtual tours bode well, instilling an initial sense of trust. And when buyers feel like they’re choosing a trustworthy seller, they’re more likely to buy.

Sell Homes Faster with Virtuance and Zillow

Virtual tours have quickly become just as important as curb appeal. And as more home buyers continue to browse properties online, investing in professional real estate photography has never been more crucial.

Virtuance HDReal technology is one of the smartest tools realtors and private sellers can use to attract potential buyers. And Virtuance’s partnership with Zillow ensures fast uploads to your listing website.

Are you interested in generating the most alluring, high-quality photos, images, and 3D walkthroughs for your properties? If so, schedule a shoot with us today!