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How Drones Are Used for Real Estate Photography

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated October 21, 2021 3 min read

Since the Federal Aviation Administration began regulating drones in 2016, drone technologies have become very popular. Portable drones opened up a new type of real estate photography. Realtors can promote beautiful, unique, or unusual properties with this aerial imagery and updated drone technology.

Drone photography is also cheaper and more accessible than hiring a helicopter. A pilot flies their camera over the property with drones, taking high-quality photos and recording aerial footage. These photos boost real estate listings. Read on to learn how to use drone photography for real estate marketing.

How Drone Photography Sells Real Estate

Aerial photography gives potential home buyers a stronger sense of the extent or scale of the entire property. It also provides a good representation of the topography of the site. The buyer can see how the spaces fit together. An aerial video can be a great way to show a large residential property, for instance.

Real estate drone photography can evoke a mood of what it will feel like when the potential buyer moves in. That’s the point of marketing since you’re selling an idea. The buyer needs to see themselves in the property, whether it’s residential or commercial property.

These aerial shots work well for large properties. Aerial images capture breathtaking views or unique features better than a description could.

They’re even good for things like showing the roof, which doesn’t often appear in real estate photos. Aerial imagery makes it easier for prospective buyers to make a decision.

how to use drones real estate photography
Using aerial real estate photography can help you promote listings with great views!

Essential Tips for Real Estate Aerial Photography

Many traditional photography tips still apply to aerial photographs in the real estate industry. You need to pay attention to weather and lighting to get the best real estate photos.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Professional real estate photographers prefer to shoot in natural light—it’s the most flattering light. Shooting at noon gives the shortest shadows, but the light can be harsher. A neutral-density filter can cut some of this glare.

You can also shoot just after sunrise or before sunset to avoid harsh light. Harsh light gives longer shadows, so be aware of that beforehand. Early morning is also an excellent time to shoot since the surrounding streets are quiet. 

Wide-Angle Shots and a Variety of Shots

Wide-angle shots are best to capture as much of the view as possible, and composition can make or break a photo.

Since this is ultimately real estate photography, don’t just go for high-altitude shots that only show the roof and gardens. Mix up the type of aerial photos you use by bringing the drone lower.

Using aerial real estate photography can help you promote listings with great views!

Guidelines For Using Real Estate Drone Photography

Make sure you hire licensed drone pilots with the proper remote pilot certificate. Your pilot should be certified as a commercial drone pilot by the FAA. This certification means they need to pass the Aeronautical Knowledge Test.

Do you plan to use drone footage to create virtual tours through a property? Consider running a background check on the pilot.

There are also other limits to drone use. People can’t fly drones any higher than 400 ft above the ground or 400 ft above the top of a building. Drones also can’t fly faster than 100 miles per hour.

Using Drone Photography for Real Estate Marketing

Adding stunning aerial views to a property listing helps bring it to life for a prospective buyer. Here at Virtuance, We’re setting a new standard in real estate marketing with HDReal® Aerial Photography and Video. With 96% of homebuyers making their purchasing decisions online, your listing needs to ramp up and grab their attention right away. Generate more clicks that turn into showings and solid offers with dramatic aerial photography. Your aerial images will show the home along with the entire property, surrounding neighborhood, and views.

That’s why you need to start using drone photography for real estate marketing. Schedule your shoot and add an aerial package today to boost your property listings.