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How Many Real Estate Images Should I Order For My Listing Photoshoot?

By Heather Norman Last Updated May 11, 2021 4 min read

Professional real estate photography aims to attract attention to your listing, resulting in more showings and more offers. When ordering a listing photo package, it’s essential to know how many listing images you should use so your listing stands out online.

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Is the square footage the best indicator? Or should the number of bedrooms and bathrooms be the deciding factor? The answer is that both numbers play a role in determining how many images to order. And we’re here to help you figure this out!

Both too few and too many images can indeed hurt a listing. Keeping in mind the maximum number of pictures allowed by your MLS provider is a helpful tool; however, there needs to be a balance between telling a great story versus inundating buyers with too many images and redundant angles.

We have put together a guideline to help agents determine how many images to order based on square footage while keeping in mind the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

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For properties up to 2,000 sqft, we recommend either 10 or 15 images based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • 10 images – up to 2000 SF, or up to 1 bedroom/1 bathroom
  • 15 images – up to 2000 SF, or up to 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms

These recommendations are perfect for a condo, townhouse, or small single-family home and allow our photographers to capture the living spaces (living/family room, dining room, kitchen) as well as the beds and baths. 

But, what about properties under 2,000 sqft with more bedrooms and bathrooms? Smaller square footage doesn’t mean the property is short on beds or baths. In the case of three or four bedrooms housed in less than 2,000 square feet, keep in mind how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want to show in your listing. 

If not all bedrooms are marketable, consider the number of beds and baths you want to show and lean toward 15 or 20 images. 

If showing all the bedrooms allows you to tell the best story, then 25 images can be a good fit. 

3,000 TO 4,000 SQUARE FEET

Moving up in square footage, ordering 25 to 35 images is more appropriate to capture common living areas along with the beds and baths.

  • 25 images – up to 3000 SF, or up to 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms
  • 30 images – up to 4000 SF, or up to 4 bedrooms/4 bathrooms

As the square footage increases, so too can the number of common living areas. Keep these spaces in mind with ordering as you may want to add a few more images to cover rec/game rooms, finished laundry, and multiple basement areas.


When a property reaches 5,000 square feet and above, it is typically considered a luxury listing. This type of real estate has unique selling features and marketable spaces. Should every area be photographed, though? 

The guidance above is also accurate for properties with more than average common living areas, beds, and baths. Determine which spaces will tell the best story and provide the most significant overview of the property. It’s not always necessary to show every room in your listing to attract buyers and receive the right offer. 

  • 35+ images – 5000+ SF, or a home that has several bedrooms/bathrooms, or other shared living spaces


As the real estate expert, we know there are must-have shots, angles, and spaces you want photographed for any size property. Let us know and help guide photographers onsite by providing notes to the photographer when scheduling online or on the phone. That way, we can make sure you receive these must-have images. 


A great listing tells a story about the property, which doesn’t necessarily mean showing every space. We know buyers have a lot of options and can have short attention spans when viewing listings. Spending more money on tons of images to post online may not serve the property well. Ask yourself which images will grab buyer’s attention and make them schedule a showing? Use that information and our guideline to determine how many photos you should order.