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How to Change Photos on Zillow

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated April 1, 2022 2 min read

Zillow is the leading online real estate marketplace with 36 million unique visitors a month. Even though home buyers who hire a real estate agent have access to the local MLS, they usually search Zillow for listings. Zillow’s user-friendly platform allows users to filter and find their perfect home easily. 

Zillow is user-friendly for real estate professionals, too. Their platform integrates with your MLS, enabling it to pull data and real estate images from your MLS listing. 

You can also edit your listing images, statistics, and description on Zillow directly. 

Here’s how to change your listing photos on Zillow: 

Step 1: Log in to your Zillow agent account

Real estate professionals have a different account than home viewers. To get to your listings portal, first, log in to your Zillow agent account. If you haven’t created your real estate agent account on Zillow yet, click here. 

Step 2: Go to your listings

Click the Agent Hub on the navigation bar and select Listings from the drop-down. This action takes you to your active listings. 

Step 3: Select the listing to edit

Select the listing you wish to revise. Click Edit Listing and find the My Photos section. From here, you can drag and drop the listing images you want to upload. You can also edit the Feed Photos in the section below My Photos

Step 4: Save your changes

After uploading the new real estate images to your Zillow listing, scroll to the bottom of the listing page and click Save

Tips for Awesome Listing Photos

It’s crucial to highlight your listing with professional real estate images. On Zillow, users see a listing thumbnail image before clicking on the listing page. You want your listing to stand out in a collage of other homes in the same area. 

Our biggest tip is to hire a professional real estate photographer. Here are a few other notable strategies for providing the best listing images: 

  • Find an experienced real estate photography company
  • Declutter and clean the listing
  • Replace any burnt-out lights
  • Turn on all lights, turn off all fans
  • Consider staging or rearranging furniture
  • Remove personal items
  • Consider twilight photography
  • Maintain the landscaping
  • Add some potted plants by the front door
  • Move vehicles out of the driveway
  • Consider aerial photography
  • Consider a 3D tour

Single Listing Websites

In addition to uploading your real estate images to the MLS and Zillow, consider using a single listing website to promote your listing. Some real estate photography companies, like Virtuance, offer free listing websites with every photoshoot. The Virtuance Marketing Suite is a single property website that allows you to promote your listing without the distractions and competition of other listings populating the page. 

To learn more about the Virtuance Marketing Suite, follow this link

Zillow is a powerful platform for real estate agents to showcase their listings. If you use all the incredible features Zillow offers, you will sell your listings faster and generate more leads in the process.