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How to Create a Killer YouTube Banner to Boost Your Views

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated December 8, 2021 5 min read

Hello, again! Can any of you believe that we’ve reached December, and we only have three Farm Fridays left for the year? I certainly can’t. This year has flown by. I hope everyone finds time to celebrate and relax with loved ones this time of year. As we look toward next year, I want to help both new and seasoned real estate agents develop their real estate marketing strategies. 

According to our Real Estate Marketing Trends report, many real estate agents look to incorporate video marketing into their marketing efforts in 2022. While a real estate business can undoubtedly benefit from the video content, you’ll want your profile and content to stand out. Among multiple video social media channels, including Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram, YouTube is still the most-used social media platform for video content. 

What is a YouTube Banner?

To make your real estate YouTube channel as successful as possible, you’ll want to start with a great banner. Your banner is the first thing viewers will see when they visit your channel, so it’s essential to make a good impression.

real estate video marketing
The YouTube banner is the first thing that viewers see when they visit your channel.

Qualities of a Successful YouTube Banner

Your banner should be eye-catching and include some of the essential information about your channel. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your banner:

  • Your banner should be visually appealing and fit with the overall theme of your channel
  • The banner should include your channel’s name and logo
  • Your banner should be high resolution and easy to read, with a practical design element.
  • Your banner should be updated regularly to reflect any changes in your real estate business

YouTube also has a few best practices for simple promotional banners. Here are a few of those guidelines:

  • Your image should have a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • You should always use original, high-resolution photos or artwork (no watermarks)
  • Avoid text on image designs whenever possible; white text is preferred over colored text
  • Your channel name should appear in the top left of the banner (where the real estate agents’ photos are). For real estate agents looking to drive leads, you can also place your phone number below this.

How do real estate agents use YouTube Banners?

You’ve probably gotten pretty familiar with how real estate agents use YouTube if you have your own real estate channel. But do you know how real estate agents use their banners?

A real estate YouTube banner promotes the real estate agent’s YouTube channel and encourages others to subscribe. This real estate video marketing strategy can be quite effective for lead generation because viewers don’t need to register an account on YouTube to follow you. Instead, they need to click the subscribe button, and then they’ll receive real estate agent updates through their feed.

YouTube real estate banners can include any or all of the following:

  • A real estate agent’s name and business information (including phone number)
  • The real estate agents’ brand logo and website information
  • The real estate agent’s social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

YouTube also allows real estate agents to add their real estate YouTube banner in their email signature and on real estate agent business cards. These real estate marketing tools give realtors and real estate agents an added and consistent way to promote themselves and their brand throughout their real estate marketing channels. Your YouTube channel art reflects on your real estate company and helps to establish your brand. A banner is much more than finding a background image.

How to Create a Killer Real Estate YouTube Banner

Now that you know all about real estate YouTube banners, it’s time to create your own! Follow these simple steps to create an effective real estate banner for your channel:

1. Decide What Type of Banner You Want to Create

Decide what type of banner you want to create. There are two main types of banners: static or animated. Static banners can be made in any image editing software. Animated banners are usually created using Flash animation programs such as Adobe Animate.

Static banners are helpful because they don’t require much effort. However, if you have an idea that requires more than just one frame, it’s best to use an animated banner. If you have trouble coming up with a banner idea, you can search for a free banner template online and edit it for your real estate video marketing efforts. 

2. Create a New Document in PhotoShop or Other Photo-Editing Software

Create a new document in Photoshop or another photo-editing program. This should be at least 800×600 pixels. You may need to resize the file so that the final product fits within this size range. If you’re not sure how big your final product needs to be, take a screenshot of your computer screen and make a note of its dimensions.

3. Add Your Logo

Add your logo to the top left corner of the canvas. Make sure that the logo is centered horizontally and vertically. The logo should also fill up the entire canvas area.

4. Add Any Text

If you want to add text, do so in the top right corner of the canvas. The text should be centered both horizontally and vertically. Avoid adding text to your banner if possible, as it can be challenging to read. White text on a dark background is always best.

5. Find an Image

Start by finding a high-resolution image or visually appealing artwork and fits with the brand image you’ve established for your real estate business.

6. Add Your Name and Business Information

Add your name and real estate agency business information to the banner. You can do this in the bottom left corner of the canvas.

7. Render and Export the File

When you’re finished adding all of your text and images, save the file as a JPEG or PNG file. Make sure that you render the file at 100%. This will ensure that the quality of the image is high when it’s displayed online.

What Are the Benefits of a YouTube Banner?

Real estate video marketing may seem tedious and time-consuming at first, but once you see tangible results, it’s all worth it.

Using real estate YouTube banners is a great way to increase real estate video views and generate real estate leads. A real estate banner can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • website realtor bio or realtor social media profile signature
  • realtors business card
  • email signature line(s)
  • real estate open house flyer or invitation
  • as part of a real estate advertising campaign

Real estate YouTube banners can be an extremely effective real estate marketing tool when used correctly. They not only help to increase real estate video views but also help to generate leads and establish your real estate brand. To contribute high-quality content to YouTube, you also need to make sure that you make time in your real estate marketing strategy to write scripts and produce your videos! We’ll cover video ideas in a future Farm Friday post!

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your real estate YouTube banner today!