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How to Win More Listings in 2022

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated March 4, 2022 3 min read

Winning more listings in 2022 is key to expanding your real estate business. However, it takes skill and determination to turn warm leads into active clients. Rethinking your approach can help you build an active buyer and seller client base. 

Virtuance wants to help real estate agents increase their current listings and improve their seller metrics. To help you plan for the upcoming year, we have compiled the following tactics to help you win more listings in 2022. 

Update Your Marketing Strategy Quarterly to Reach More Potential Clients

The first strategy we suggest to help you win more leads is a quarterly marketing update. To reach various potential customers, it is essential to diversify your marketing strategy every three months to incorporate new content, techniques, and outreach campaigns. Here are three ways to update your current marketing content:

  • Consider incorporating fresh photography into your marketing materials. You may consider hiring a professional real estate photographer or incorporating done photography to include different perspectives of your properties in your listings. Engaging, dynamic photography will draw more potential clients (both buyers and sellers) to your real estate business website.
  • Establish and advertise your real estate businesses’ marketing niche. Which active sellers are you trying to reach? Are you focused on selling residential or commercial properties? Make sure that all of your marketing content reinforces your niche audience. Your business might occupy a geographic, demographic, or stylistic niche with a built-in base of interested buyers. Potential seller clients should see your business actively promoting to this specific buyer base. 
  • Implement scripts for reaching out to expired listings and FSBO leads (see more about these potential clients below). Automating your system to reach out to these clients or planning a script for phone calls will ensure you can make quick, compelling pitches.
  • Lastly, you may consider expanding your online content to areas outside real estate. For example, what other interests do your clients have to boost online engagement? Perhaps you may write a list of entertainment districts near your properties or facts about the surrounding natural landscape. People don’t just buy houses; they buy homes; therefore, your clients may be interested in exploring different aspects of their new communities. 
how to win more real estate listings
Professional real estate photography can help you win more listings this year.

Cold Outreaching Expired Listings

Expired listings mean that the client’s realtor could ultimately not sell their home. By searching through expired listings, real estate agents can find a variety of potential clients still looking to sell their properties. Once obtaining their contact information, it is simple to turn expired listings into active clients. Your main task is to establish the qualities that make you different from the client’s past realtor (your skills, determination, marketing campaigns, client base, etc.).

However, to successfully turn expired listings into warm leads, it is essential to develop a plan before cold calling. When calling, be approachable, friendly, and quickly explain how to help the homeowner sell their home. Clients are far more likely to remember you after speaking with you on the phone, so this is an important tactic to add to your lead generation toolkit. 

Turn FSBOs and Prior Clients Into Active Sellers

We suggest you investigate two sources of potential leads to growing your listings. The first category of possible listings comes from FSBOS (For-Sale-By-Owner) leads. These homeowners are either afraid of the potential costs of hiring a real estate agent or are convinced they will sell their homes on their own. 

Since you are a real estate professional, you know that navigating the market is not as simple as some FSBOS believe. Most owners do not know how to price their homes accurately and do not have the resources to market their available property. By contacting these sellers, you should focus on advertising the services your business offers and your years of experience selling homes. Additionally, discuss your commission and fees– hiring a real estate agent may be less expensive than these owners realize!

The second category of potential leads comes from a familiar pool: clients who have previously bought properties from your listings. It is essential to keep in contact with your past clients, both so that they remember your name and face and so that they are aware of the changing value of their home in case they wish to sell. If they are looking to move in the future and need someone to help them sell their home, your name will be at the top of their list. 

Persistence is Key

All of the above strategies will require patience, determination, and, above all, an action plan. However, if you actively reach out to these potential leads and market your business, you are sure to increase your listings in 2022.