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Is Real Estate Photography in Demand?

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated November 18, 2021 4 min read

Yes. Absolutely. And we’re not just saying that as a real estate photography company.

We recently published a report on the top real estate marketing trends for 2022. According to a survey we sent out to hundreds of real estate professionals across the nation, real estate photography is the TOP marketing tool that real estate agents use. If you’re not using professional real estate photography, you may already be behind.

As it happens, in real estate photography, the quality of your images matters far more than you imagine. As more potential buyers start their home search online, the demand for photography has only increased in the real estate industry. Whether you’re an agent or a private seller, this information will prove crucial to your future success, specifically when gaining potential clients. Here’s what we know. 

Why Is Real Estate Photography In Demand?

Blame the COVID-19 pandemic or the nation’s shift to online shopping; either way, the fact is that 97% of today’s buyers search online for homes before even leaving the house. Real estate trends such as these make the quality of your online marketing a critical component of your business strategy.

Your real estate images make the difference between a fruitful conversation with a potential buyer or not meeting them at all. Real estate marketing has increasingly become a visual online process, and agents who neglect their photographs’ quality do so at their peril.

real estate photographers
Professional real estate photography helps you establish your brand as a real estate professional.

5 Benefits of Professional Real Estate Photography

You’ll agree that we all need any advantage we can get in the highly competitive real estate industry. So, how does professional real estate photography help to swing a sale in our favor?

1. Beat the Competition

When you consider that the same property can be advertised online by multiple agents, you start to understand the vital difference between a few good real estate pictures and several amazing ones. How does your professional photography stack up against others? Are your images sharp and focused with bright colors and crisp lines? Would you click on your ad?

Effective real estate marketing begins and ends with a range of beautiful photographs. Professional real estate photography not only helps you sell listings faster and for more money, but you can use the content as part of your digital marketing strategy. 

2. Finding the Right Angle

We’ve all seen pictures of ourselves in which we look fabulous – or awful. The same concept applies to real estate photography.

To capture the essence of a room means getting the right angle to showcase its size, shape, and features. No amount of lighting can fix a poor angle. Professional real estate photographers benefit from a trained eye to pick out the best position and camera height to snap the perfect picture. Our team of professional photographers goes through extensive training to ensure the consistency of our images.

3. Kitchens in Context

Most of us know that it’s the kitchen and bathrooms that sell a home. This is one of the main reasons that great real estate agents use great real estate photographers. They know how to prepare and stage these rooms – especially kitchens – to create the feeling of comfort and style that the seller wants to portray. Their images show the size and layout of the kitchen, unique features, different points of view, and how it is positioned in the home.

real estate marketing
A professional real estate photographer can provide you with content to use in all of your marketing materials, not just your listings.

4. Light it Up

The proper lighting can make or break your real estate photos. 

Interestingly, our cameras don’t always capture what our eyes see. While we may see a beautiful kitchen flooded with natural light, the camera may deliver dark shadows or off-white kitchen cabinets as it can’t compensate for the brightness.

5. Post-production

Much of the magic of crafting compelling, clickable images happens in post-production. This is where a professional real estate photography business ensures that the home’s true character shines through—machine learning algorithms aid our post-processing to result in HDReal images. Subtle changes in color and lighting can change the whole mood and evoke an emotional response from a potential buyer or other real estate clients.

Not only that, but our processing time provides value to real estate professionals. You get your images and your single listing website by the next day at 5 pm! When you’re looking for quality images but don’t have much additional time in your schedule, working with Virtuance can be an advantage over working with independent real estate photographers.

How to Choose a Real Estate Photographer

Real estate photography is clearly in demand. It serves to create aspirational and evocative imagery that compels buyers to take action. These, in turn, allow for faster sales, happy sellers, and higher profits.

Therefore, you must choose the right company to work with. Have a look at their real estate photography portfolio and ask them to explain how they’d make your property stand out. How will they tell your story? Will they assist with online marketing?

Virtuance does all of this – and more. We want to invite you to explore our packages and chat with our friendly team. We know that we can make a difference in your world. Our real estate photography pricing is positioned to provide an incredible value for real estate professionals across the United States. Find the package that works for you! We can even offer floor plan scanning and 3D tours.